Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, New York, USA
34 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Doug Reinhardt
Paris Hilton, billionaire heiress, model, actress, designer and queen of scandal. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Hilton hotel-empire. Paris Hilton two younger siblings, Nicky Hilton and Barron Hilton. Former best friends with Nicole Richie.

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Has Paris Hilton Found a New Boy Toy?

Wednesday 5:02 PM, 21/01/2015
Last year things ended between Paris Hilton, 33, and her model boyfriend of two years, River Viiperi, 23.

However, according to rumors...READ MORE ▶
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The Crazy Price Tag on Paris Hilton's New Dogs!

Thursday 11:35 AM, 08/01/2015
No, Paris Hilton, 33, is most definitively not suffering from a financial crisis and with a fortune like hers it's just a drop in the ocean ...READ MORE ▶
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Paris Hilton Leaving London and Heading to Paris!

Wednesday 10:55 PM, 17/12/2014
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Monday 10:06 AM, 08/12/2014
You better not be jealous if you're going out with Miley Cyrus, 22, which her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, had to find out the hard...READ MORE ▶
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Unexpected celebrities who's done hard time!

Thursday 5:11 PM, 20/11/2014
Robert Downey Jr

Nowadays Robert Downey Jr is a well-behaved family man but once upon a time he got sentenced to one year in prison after taking drugs and breaking into his neighbors house - where he also passed out. Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney feels like an all-around good guy but he was once sentenced to 10 days in jail after being caught with marijuana at the Tokyo airport. Paris Hilton

It might not be much but Paris Hilton has spent three days in jail. Her crime? She violated her probation for driving under the influence. Martha Stewart

America's sweetheart Martha Stewart had to spend 5 months in prison for corporate fraud. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill got 8 months in jail after she "forgot" to pay taxes on about $1 million in earnings.
It's not completely unusual for celebrities to have done hard time but it’s not always the ones you expect that have broken the law. Here's our lis...READ MORE ▶
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