Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, New York, USA
33 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Doug Reinhardt
Paris Hilton, billionaire heiress, model, actress, designer and queen of scandal. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Hilton hotel-empire. Paris Hilton two younger siblings, Nicky Hilton and Barron Hilton. Former best friends with Nicole Richie.

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Paris Hilton is dress up to vote!

Wednesday 6:14 PM, 05/11/2008
Paris Hilton is dress up to vote!
Paris Hilton visits the county registrar in Norwalk to cast her vote in the US Presidential Election. County guards escorted Miss Hilton out of the building and blocked all lanes of traffic with three police cruisers. The Heiress is one of few celebrities that haven't reveled who they voted on, who do you think got her vote? Obama or McCain?
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Paris Hilton looks like an old maid!

Tuesday 8:46 PM, 04/11/2008
Paris Hilton looks like an old maid!
Paris Hilton leaves the Waldorf Astoria to make a guest appearance on David Letterman in New York. Because of the day's presidential election, Paris was carrying a purse that said Politics is My Bag. She had a new hairstyle that was horrible, she looked like an old maid! That dress definitely didn?t help her to look hotter.
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Paris Hilton is totally overdoing it!

Saturday 8:34 AM, 01/11/2008
Paris Hilton is totally overdoing it!
So sick! Big foot!
Paris Hilton returned to Los Angeles after filming scenes for her reality series Paris Hiltons My New BFF in London. Paris was sporting a tank top that featured the send-off catch phrase Talk To You Never which she delivers to contestants eliminated from her show. She was also wearing a B necklace, the first initial of her boyfriend Benji Maddens name. Matching for sure, but isn't she overdoing it?
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Flashy couple!

Sophia Bush is dating a colleague, again!

Tuesday 6:16 PM, 28/10/2008
Sophia Bush seems to prefer One Tree Hill guys. She was earlier married to the hottie Chad Michael Murray, who plays Lukas Scott in the series. But they got divorced when he cheated on her with Paris Hilton. But now she's dating the hunk James Lafferty, who plays Nathan Scott. Chad recently told Channel 11 News "Me and Sophia were professional and mature enough to handle it and now we are good friends. She has James and I'm friend with him as well. The whole crew is really tight."
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Nicky Hilton channels Nicole Richie!

Sunday 8:01 AM, 26/10/2008
Paris Hilton's sister Nicky Hilton looked très chic when she left a medical center in Beverly Hills the other day with her mobile phone to her ear. Wearing a white tank top, black cut-off shorts, vest and patent leather heels she actually reminded us of Nicole Richie who is a big fan of cut-off jeans! Perhaps she was the one who inspired Nicky? In any case, we hope Nicky is feeling well and didn't see the doctor because she was sick!
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What a babe!

Paris Hilton (almost) scores a 10!

Saturday 5:35 PM, 25/10/2008
Paris Hilton (almost) scores a 10!
Paris Hilton (almost) scored a full 10 points for her outfit the other night, consisting of a gorgeous powder pink dress decorated with crystals. The heiress had gotten all dressed up for a dinner at the swanky London hotel The Dorchester and you'll have to agree she looked great! We just wish she would have lost that huge necklace. Diamonds or not, less is always more!
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