Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, New York, USA
33 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Doug Reinhardt
Paris Hilton, billionaire heiress, model, actress, designer and queen of scandal. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Hilton hotel-empire. Paris Hilton two younger siblings, Nicky Hilton and Barron Hilton. Former best friends with Nicole Richie.

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Paris Hilton and Brittany still going strong!

Sunday 7:58 PM, 25/01/2009
Paris Hilton and Brittany still going strong!
We're actually very impressed that Paris Hilton is still hanging out with her bff Brittany Flickinger even though she found her on an MTV reality TV-show! This weekend the girls partied together (what else?) at the new club My House in Hollywood and we have to say that we love Paris' dress! Perhaps a little too dressed up for a regular night out but it's nice to see that somebody made an effor! Brittany wasn't pictured but she wore a white ruffled dress and knee-high black boots.
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Paris Hiltons British Best Friend

Saturday 2:18 PM, 24/01/2009
Paris Hiltons British Best Friend
Paris on set of her new BBF reality show Wannabe BFF More Wannabes and even more british best friends!
Looks like Brittany Flickinger is not good enough for Paris Hilton anymore. She has now taken her search for a BFF to the UK. Yes, that's right, another Paris Realíty TV spectacle, British Best Friend! Here is the ad for it on ITV2:

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What a failure

Paris Turns into Pink Fluffy Bunny Cartoon!

Tuesday 12:01 AM, 20/01/2009
Paris tries to dress younger, like a 4 year old! Posing with the fans... It is nowhere near Easter yet Paris! The bunny only comes in April!
Paris Hilton and her new BFF Brttany Flickinger are at the Sundance Film Festival. Neither of the two are there to promote movies, so Paris needs some other reason to be photographed. What better way to grab attention than a crazy outfit? Well this one doesn't disappoint! The heiress was sporting, a pink furry t-shirt dress over jeans, a pink furry jersey-jacket, bright pink parka and to top it all off, bright pink boots and wait for it, A pink furry bunny hat! She looks like a japanese cartoon character!
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What a diva!

Paris' Economic Crisis Survival Tip!

Thursday 5:20 PM, 15/01/2009
Paris'  Economic Crisis Survival Tip!
A real life Barbie! So pretty in pink!
Paris Hilton shopping in Melrose Blvd, West Hollywood. The heiress is pretty in pink from her dress to her matching pink car interior! Paris was recently asked in an interview what her advice was to people during the economic crisis. Her answer: Wear Happy Colours!


Is Paris' style too much like a Barbie Doll?

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Paris Hilton knows where to find the paparazzi!

Sunday 4:19 PM, 11/01/2009
Paris Hilton knows where to find the paparazzi!
Paris Hilton sure knows how to match her outfit and was spotted having lunch with her mom Kathy this weekend dressed in blue from head to toe. Blue and white patterned dress, blue shoes, blue cardigan, even a blue and white Fendi bag! Since Paris and Kathy chose The Ivy, we guess Paris was keen on showing off her coordination skills because everyone knows the paparazzi are outside the Ivy 24-7!
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What's wrong?

Paris Hilton is becoming a skeleton!

Saturday 12:22 PM, 10/01/2009
Not normal?
We'll keep an eye on you Paris! But you've become very cute though!
The rumors of Paris Hilton having some sort of eating disorder are spreading faster and faster. And after having seen these pictures when arriving at Club DeLux in West Hollywood, it is pretty hard to not suspect something... Could she be partying too hard? Afraid of getting old? Very suspicious, hopefully it won't get worse!
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