Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, New York, USA
33 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Doug Reinhardt
Paris Hilton, billionaire heiress, model, actress, designer and queen of scandal. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Hilton hotel-empire. Paris Hilton two younger siblings, Nicky Hilton and Barron Hilton. Former best friends with Nicole Richie.

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What's wrong?

Paris Hilton is becoming a skeleton!

Saturday 12:22 PM, 10/01/2009
Not normal?
We'll keep an eye on you Paris! But you've become very cute though!
The rumors of Paris Hilton having some sort of eating disorder are spreading faster and faster. And after having seen these pictures when arriving at Club DeLux in West Hollywood, it is pretty hard to not suspect something... Could she be partying too hard? Afraid of getting old? Very suspicious, hopefully it won't get worse!
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What a babe!

Paris Hilton's flower power!

Friday 10:34 AM, 09/01/2009
Paris Hilton's flower power!
Smile a bit! There you go!
Fresh back from her trip to Australia over New Year, Paris Hilton is out doing the streets of Hollywood dangerous again. Wearing a floaty white dress with colorful floral detail, the heiress attended a private party in Crown Bar in West Hollywood. She actually looked rather pretty!
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Crazy for shopping

Paris heads out for more shopping therapy!

Monday 12:11 AM, 05/01/2009
Shoes shoes and more shoes...when will it end? Signing autographs is a day habit for Paris...
Paris Hilton who currently is in surfers paradise Queensland, Australia, was caught heading for some more shopping therapy. This time she was in a shoe store and bought loads of them... feeling lonely paris? And hey, did you know she's a nine?! Hard to believe she even finds shoes in her size!
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On a date?

Clooney and Paris dating?!

Saturday 10:36 PM, 03/01/2009
According to Life&Style, George Clooney might be dating Paris Hilton or have some sort of an affair. The two of them have been seeing each other several times lately... But isn't he a bit too old for Paris? And too serious? This sounds rather weird and we hope it's just a rumor..!
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Paris Hilton's New Year resolution!

Friday 6:31 PM, 02/01/2009
In Australia.
Cute! The mature Paris?
Even celebrities make New Year resolutions and Paris Hilton this time decided that she would like to become more responsible. "I've grown up now, I'm more mature. I feel blessed and I want to give something back to the world." Well, that was about time Paris...!
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On vacation

Paris shows off in Aspen!

Saturday 10:38 PM, 27/12/2008
Cool bag!
Brittany in the shadow of Paris... She sure is confident... Surprise Brittany! Seems as if Paris thinks she's on the catwalk? Very sunny today Paris, isn't it?
After spending the day on the slopes, Paris Hilton and her BFF Brittany Flickinger were spotted strolling very fashionably in the luxury resort of Aspen. Wearing an eclectic mix of animal prints and camouflage, Paris happily threw a number of poses for the waiting paps as her minder struggled behind with her big camouflage bag of ski gear. Paris did however take charge of her bag when she returned to her hotel. The ladies are currently enjoying a festive break away with the Hilton family, including Paris' sister Nicky and her fiancé David Katzenberg.


Do you think Brittany's only seeking for fame or is she really Paris' new BFF?

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