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Britney Spears off track again?

Monday 10:08 AM, 06/07/2009
Brtiney Spears in some sort of Circus-outfit...
Unflattering clothes Britney... An angry Britney Spears!
Britney Spears is currently touring around the world to promote her latest album Circus. The last stop was Paris where she performed in front of a massive crowd at the Palais Omnisport de Bercy but she didn?t seem to be at the top of the line. No, Britney Spears already seemed kind of tired and worn out? Is Britney Spears derailing again?


Is Britney Spears going in the wrong direction again?

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On vacation

Cuba Gooding Jr. spends the day with a sting ray!

Monday 3:32 AM, 06/07/2009
Like many celebrities, Cuba Gooding Jr. spent the holiday at one of the beaches in Malibu, CA on the 4th of July. The actor seemed to have a wonderful time with friends and family as he sipped wine and joked around. However, in a surprise twist, Cuba happened upon a sting ray at some point and thought it would be clever to share it with the rest of the party who seemed a little less than thrilled.
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Madonna honors Michael Jackson!

Monday 12:06 AM, 06/07/2009
Madonna honors Michael Jackson!
Madonna at O2 in London during her Sweet and Sour-tour. She sure can dance! She should maybe cool down the workout a bit..?
Michael Jackson sure got all eyes on him right now. Even Madonna payed tribute to the Michael's death during her show in London at O2 by performing some of his songs which she introduced by saying "Let's give it up for one of the artists I've ever known!" as the crowd went wild.
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Beach Babe!

Ashley Tisdale and Scott Spear showing off their love!

Sunday 7:32 PM, 05/07/2009
Ashley Tisdale and Scott Spear showing off their love!
Cute beach-dress! Happy couple! Ops! Ain't no cellulites on that but no!
Ashley Tisdale sure is a hot beach babe! She was spotted in Maui with her boyfriend Scott Speer when celebrating the holiday. They were unabashedly showing off their budding relationship as they kissed, played and lavished attention on each other in and out of the waves in Maui on the 4th of July.
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Kevin Federline follows Britney Spears to Paris!

Sunday 1:22 PM, 05/07/2009
Kevin Federline follows Britney Spears to Paris!
Kevin Federline and Britney Spears' two sons. Everyone got their ice creams! Kevin Federline and his new girlfriend at the right.
Kevin Federline with children and girlfiend Victoria Prince were spotted yesterday in Paris. They all enjoyed a sunny afternoon as they walk around the famous Parisian location Bercy Village in Paris, France on the 4th of July. After spending time on a terrace, they decided to buy some Italian icecreams before going back to their hotel. Could they perhaps be there to see Britney Spears concert in the French city?
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in their true colours!

Sunday 10:36 AM, 05/07/2009
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.
Spencer Pratt, you look like a mosquito! Yes, we know how in love you two are!
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were pictured taking part in the 32nd Palisades 10K Charity run on Independence day. The happy Hills couple showed their true colours dressing up in stars and stripes. Spencer Pratt donned a full Uncle Sam outfit and Heidi Montag wore a hat with a patriotic bikini top. How creative...
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