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Fighting on the set of The Hills!

Tuesday 5:46 PM, 20/01/2009
Cameron ices his chin Who hit Cameron?
Looks like Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend had a run in with someone while filming episodes of The Hills in the Dime Bar in Los Angeles. Apparantly it was one of other Hills cast members! The Hills drama never stops! Check out the other cast members talking about Stephanie:

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What a failure

Paris Turns into Pink Fluffy Bunny Cartoon!

Tuesday 12:01 AM, 20/01/2009
Paris tries to dress younger, like a 4 year old! Posing with the fans... It is nowhere near Easter yet Paris! The bunny only comes in April!
Paris Hilton and her new BFF Brttany Flickinger are at the Sundance Film Festival. Neither of the two are there to promote movies, so Paris needs some other reason to be photographed. What better way to grab attention than a crazy outfit? Well this one doesn't disappoint! The heiress was sporting, a pink furry t-shirt dress over jeans, a pink furry jersey-jacket, bright pink parka and to top it all off, bright pink boots and wait for it, A pink furry bunny hat! She looks like a japanese cartoon character!
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Selena Gomez has a sweet-toothe!

Monday 5:37 PM, 19/01/2009
Selena and her sweet treat! So pretty! Having a laugh with her gal pal
Disney star Selena Gomez enjoys a lollipop as she heads to a photo shoot in Pacific Palisades with a friend . The 16-year old cutie is currently working on an album, which she hopes to release in July. Check out Selena?s singing talent here:

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What a babe!

Milla Jovovich Plays with her Mini-Me!

Monday 4:44 PM, 19/01/2009
Already mom's little model! so cute! stunning blue eyes just like mom
Mango clothing desgnerMilla Jovovich and her little girl are adorable together as they enjoy a warm Winter day at a market in Los Angeles. The actress/ model,/fashion designer and her 14 month old daughter Ever Anderson are total copies of each other, little Ever definitely got her mom?s striking Russian looks!


Who is the cutest llittle girl in Hollywood?

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Kate Hudson Chic in Paris!

Monday 11:19 AM, 19/01/2009
Sexy in Silver Kate
Out on another date?
Kate Hudson is in Paris soaking up the romantic atmosphere with Billionaire Ron Burkle, so who knows if he can now be added to the long list of men in her life? Either way, she looks absolutely amazing, serial dating really suits her, as does that little silver outfit. Obviously the star has been shopping too!
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Nicky Hilton has a serious conversation at La Conversation!

Sunday 4:13 PM, 18/01/2009
Nicky Hilton has a serious conversation at La Conversation!
Nicky Hilton seemed to be in the middle of a serious conversation on her mobile when she left a Beverly Hills restaurant appropriately named La Conversation the other day. The heiress was unusually dressed down and was wearing light jeans, a grey tee and a black Balenciaga biker bag on her shoulder!
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