Tone Down the Make-Up Pam!

Sunday 8:20 PM, 22/08/2010
Tone Down the Make-Up Pam!

We still love Pamela Anderson, we just wish she would tone down her make-up a little! We spotted the actress leaving ITV Studios in London, England, yesterday afternoon in a hot pink dress and a little too much make-up for her own good!
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bunny(non member) 1
23/08/2010 2:49 PM
GOD some people just dont know what it means to be
beautiful i dont know pamela anderson a whole lot
but i do know that she would look much prettier
with less of the slapper on. what do you think?

bunny(non member) 2
23/08/2010 2:52 PM
also cuz she gets photographed a lot when you see
a picture of her with no makeup on it looks like a
different person and kinda ugly. i dont mean to be
rude here cuz im not like that im just saying it
might be easier for her if she doesnt have to
worry ab

bunny(non member) 3
23/08/2010 2:53 PM
out putting makeup on when she just wants to go
get some milk from the shop, you know what i

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