Pamela Anderson

1 July 1967, British Columbia, Canada
47 years

Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, David Spade, Criss Angel, Sylvester Stallone, John Cusack, Kelly Slater, Ben Affleck, Marcus Schenkenberg, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Robbie Williams
Pamela Anderson is mainly known through her role as CJ in Baywatch, during the late 90s. Pamela Anderson was discovered by a brand during a football match and had then become their living advertisement. Shortly afterwards Pamela Anderson chose to fold out of Playboy, which became the gateway to a career in the lights. Her relationships is often in the spotlight when she does not seem to decide who she should be dating;Tommy Lee Jones and Kid Rock. This is a mystery without end.

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 4:29 PM, 24/01/2011
We have nothing but shock to share with you this week at some of these horrible outfits we have had the misfortune of seeing on the ...READ MORE ▶
Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese makes anything looks cheap, but this little animal print dress needed no help! Noel Fielding. Are we alone in saying he gives us the creeps? Those gold shoes are so not cute and that cape just looks well, weird! Camilla Belle we are so upset by this silly top. What was the girl thinking really? When is Pamela Anderson going to buy a new wardrobe? We are so sick of her white t shirt dresses and big boots. They are looking gray and old and so is she. Put some makeup on Pammi! Greta Gerwig is trying too hard. This outfit is way too much at once! Marianne James shows a the oldest fashion mistake in the book. Too much colour, a big print and way too much fabric will always make you look bigger! Nicki Minaj. Ack! Where to start. The worst thing about this mess has to be the hair! Chloe Sevigny is this week's number one because we expect so much more from her. She is supposed to be a style icon and then she wears this nasty, badly fitted blue and white draped nightmare. NO!
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Pamela Anderson Goes All Diva on a Train!

Monday 9:51 PM, 03/01/2011
Did the man try to get to Pam? We don't know, yet, but we are trying to find out! Upset Pam!
There was some kind of incident on a train at Liverpool Street Station in London last night and ex Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson was involved! A man was arrested and caused the train to be delayed by 20 mins. Right now we can't tell whether Pamela was directly involved in the incident or if she was just upset about being so delayed, but she was freaking out! Pulling faces, looking angry and even seeming to be crying at one point. Watch this space for more details as to why Pam had such a diva face on! (Source: Wenn)
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Rock stars and their girlfriends!

Friday 1:12 PM, 10/12/2010
Kid Rock and Pammy were a steady (or not) item a few years back. We are desperatly trying to see what she saw in him, it couldn't have been the mustache right? Drew Barrymore was together with one of the biggest hunks ever, Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes, for many years. We kind of loved this couple and was so sad when they broke up. Why did they even do it, just imagine the kids they would have got! Pamela Anderson with another rock star boyfriend, Tommy Lee. This relationship was stormy as hell and accordning to some sources Tommy even abused Pam a few times. A cool rocker would never have done that! Shame on you Tommy! Well this is a better choice for Kate! We love the stylishness of her and her now long term boyfriend Jamie Hince. And guess what, he is a rocker too! Jamie is in the band The Kills but is also involved with a lot of other cool projects, we like! Here we see an example of a real player turn steady boyfriend! Yes, it definately took him a few years but now Mick Jagger is a very devoted lover to supermodel turned designer L'Wren Scott. We think that this is a proof of that you get better with age! Well, at least on the inside.
Or girlfreind and their rock stars... because there really is a few women who never seam to want to date anything but a man with a music ear (and a lovely "I don't care about how I look- I'm a rock star darling"- attitude). Just look at Pamela Anderson or Kate Moss, they are rock stars girlfriends forever! Then there is the more stable kind of star, but they are usually a bit older, something that doesn't seam to stop them from having gorgeus model girlfriends though! Here we give you a few examples from the romantic world of rock stars, enjoy!


Do you want to date a rockstar?

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Pamela Anderson Without Makeup!

Thursday 10:29 AM, 02/12/2010
Some people call her trailer trash - we called it trashy street chic! hehe
Pamela Anderson is one of those celebrities who is really not afraid of showing herself looking like a train wreck, whether she is on the runway or just shopping! Yesterday we saw her in Los Angeles in a her favorite Ugg boots, a gay T shirt dress, messy hair and not a speck of makeup. That's our Pammy, she doesn't care!
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Street Style: Celeb Looks Straight off the Streets!

Wednesday 8:48 PM, 27/10/2010
Leighton Meester or rather Blair Waldorf. mixes patterns like no one else! We are in love with this lace stockings checkered coat combo! Kelly Osbourne goes back to basics to be comfy for the airport in her scarf, trench and soft shoes Whitney Port back in Beverly Hills, but bringing her NYC style with her in the leather jacket and cute printed mini dress and sunglasses Bai Ling strikes a pose no matter where she is or what she is wearing! Anna Kournikova is sexy in a short suit and blazer - the bracelet bling works for us! Rumer Willis in Berlin braving the cold in a fab fab fab coat! Alesha Dixon is not afraid of a little bold color! She matches her hot pink dress to her lipstick and clashes it up with an animal print clutch and gray booties Trend queen Fearne Cotton in a leopard hat that we want to steal straight off her head! Taylor Swift adorable in London wearing a pea coat, fluffy yellow hat and cute shoes! Pamela Anderson brings some Vivienne Westwood glam, somehow even designer looks just the wrong side of cheap on her, no?
Are you starting to feel the winter chill and layer up like Rumer Willis and Fearne Cotton or are you lucky enough to live in a warm all year place like Anna Kournikova and Pamela Anderson in California? These ladies were all rocking some pretty interesting looks this week, take a look and be inspired!
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Alice Dellal Gets Mistaken For Pam Anderson?!

Tuesday 8:43 PM, 26/10/2010
Confused fan!
Pamela Anderson and British model Alice Dellal attended the same movie premiere last night in for "The Commuter" at London's Aqua restaurant and a funny thing happened! A young walked up to Alice and asked for her autograph and she found it very funny when she noticed she was being asked to sign a picture of Pam! Pam and Alice couldn't look more different, but for some reason this guy was confused. Hilarious!
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