Pamela Anderson

1 July 1967, British Columbia, Canada
46 years

Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, David Spade, Criss Angel, Sylvester Stallone, John Cusack, Kelly Slater, Ben Affleck, Marcus Schenkenberg, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Robbie Williams
Pamela Anderson is mainly known through her role as CJ in Baywatch, during the late 90s. Pamela Anderson was discovered by a brand during a football match and had then become their living advertisement. Shortly afterwards Pamela Anderson chose to fold out of Playboy, which became the gateway to a career in the lights. Her relationships is often in the spotlight when she does not seem to decide who she should be dating;Tommy Lee Jones and Kid Rock. This is a mystery without end.

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Celebs Who Need a Big Fat Check!

Monday 6:23 PM, 22/08/2011
Although Mike Tyson has had a big carrier he once really needed a big fat check! Once he bought a gold chain necklace for $173,706 with 80 carats in diamonds and never paid for it! Did he think it was for free? MC Hammer's luxurious life did not match his income! After buying 17 cars, 2 helicopters, horses and an entourage on 300 people, it was too expensive to live a rock star life! Government officials have filed three separate liens against MC Hammer this year that add up to $671,182!

Even Toni Braxton has debts over $12,500 on her house and if she doesn't paid them back in time, she will loose it! Time to write a new hit song! Did you think that Donald Trump never had to care about money? Well, think again! His company has field for bankruptcy three times! The last time, Donald couldn't pay $40 million to Deutsche Bank! Oops! Can you believe that Courtney Love is over 40 years old and can't pay her bills! She owes more than $300,000 in unpaid taxes.
They may be famous, have gigantic mansions, and shiny cars, but even celebs can't keep spending money without a job. Celebs need to work for their money and maybe take a few courses in economy, because they're often bankrupt! Some of the biggest stars like Pamela Anderson, MC Hammer, and Courtney Love have all hit the ground and hoped that a big fat check would hit the mailbox.

Click on the pictures to check out more celebs that went all out, living their dream life but ended up in bankruptcy!
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Pamela Anderson Parties!

Tuesday 11:41 AM, 16/08/2011
We spotted Pamela Anderson arriving back at her hotel, does she look sober to you?
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Desperate Celebrity Cougars!

Saturday 12:14 PM, 06/08/2011
Sharon Stone in a neon green mini skirt.... And once again, Sharon Stone, why are you wearing a dress that is more suited for a 5 year old? The hem is too short for Paula Abdul! Janice Dickinson wearing a sundress. Doesn't this dress look like it could come from Forever 21? So why is Pamela Anderson wearing it?
Aging is something we all have to go through. We can tweak, nip, tuck, and Botox away but face it: you're gonna get older. And unfortunately there's a lot of pressure in Hollywood to look young. Some celebs like Julianne Moore age with grace, while others refuse to face reality. Because there's nothing more desperate than a cougar dressing like a kitten.
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Sunday 11:57 AM, 03/07/2011
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Pamela Anderson Fights For Animal Rights in NYC!

Sunday 11:23 PM, 01/05/2011
As we all know Pamela Anderson is a passionate PETA activist who has even gone so far as to take her clothes off for the one of the organisation's ad campaigns! Yesterday Anderson was in New York City to promote a new bill to replace New York's horse drawn carriages with classic cars. Who ever said you can't wear a cocktail dress and 4" heels when you campaign for animal rights!
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Picture special

Saturday 2:52 AM, 02/04/2011
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