Orlando Bloom Is Hands On!

Orlando Bloom
We really love Orlando Bloom! Not only is Orlando a talented actor, devoted husband, and father, but he is also a great dog owner! We spotted Orly taking his dog, Sidi, to the vet. Most celebs just have an assistant do the dirty work, but not Orly, he's hands on and we love him even more for it!
Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom
Orlando and his driver!
Orlando Bloom
Here's his dog, Sidi!
Orlando Bloom
Here's his dog, Sidi!
Orlando Bloom
Here's his dog, Sidi!
Orlando Bloom
Here's his dog, Sidi!
Orlando Bloom
Here's his dog, Sidi!
Orlando Bloom dog Sidi vet grey sweater black shirt brown curly hair handsome sexy black lab type of dog
Orlando is so handsome!
Orlando Blooms dog sidi
Source: WENN.com
Orlando is so handsome!
Published Oct 19 2011 1:08 PM
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