Orlando Bloom

13 January 1977, Canterbury, England
37 years

Kate Bosworth, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston, Helena Christensen, Kirsten Dunst, Rumer Willis, Penelope Cruz, Vanessa Minnillo
Orlando Bloom began his career by studying poetry and prose, but abandoned it to focus fully on acting. His big break came thrue Lord of the Rings, but he has since made several major films. Orlando Bloom is a vegetarian where favorite vegetable is spinach. Orlando Bloom loves English football, has mild dyslexia and broke a rib during the recording of the last Lord of the Rings movie.

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Top 10 NYE Kisses!

Wednesday 6:33 PM, 28/12/2011
Ryan Reynolds will probably kiss Blake Lively at NYE, we're so jealous of her! We think a lot of girls will wanna kiss Justin Bieber! Making out with the hot werewolf Taylor Lautner at midnight? Yes please! Or maybe the vampire Robert Pattinson? Bradley Cooper was named  the sexiest man of 2011 by People Magazine. We totally agree with them! Mmm, Ryan Gosling! James Franco is old news! We'd rather be smooching with his younger brother Dave at NYE! Zac Efron is a strong candidate for our fave NYE kiss ever! Miranda Kerr has snatched the hottie Orlando Bloom, but a girl can a dream...
Do you already know who to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve? Well, we know who'd we LIKE to kiss, but chances aren't great our wishes will come true. We have collected the hottest guys of 2011 and now it's up to you to decide: Who is the ultimate NYE kiss?


Who Would You Rather Kiss at NYE?

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Long And Shaggy Or Short And Proper?

Wednesday 3:12 PM, 30/11/2011
Long or short, Johnny Depp never leaves his home without his purple tinted glasses! There is waay too much products in those curls Penn Badgley! We're glad you decided to loose them, you look much better now! In long hair, David Beckham, definitely looks like a typical surfer boy, while in the shorter do' he looks like a businessman.  From looking like a young Zac Efron, Justin Bieber now reminds us of Johnny Bravo. Sorry Biebs! We sort of miss Orlando's long hair. Back in the days when he played the sexiest pirate EVER!
It's not only the ladies in Hollywood who like to make drastic hair changes! A lot of our male stars has let their hair grown and then suddenly cut it off. Just look at Zac Efron and Orlando Bloom! Question is, which style do you guys like the most? The long shagy surfer look or the more proper chopped off look?
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We Love Orlando Bloom! Always and Forever!

Wednesday 6:17 PM, 02/11/2011
It's always such a treat when we see Orlando Bloom! We spotted him and a friend out and about in NYC the other day and he looked great. Miranda Kerr is such a lucky woman!
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Miranda Kerr Photographed by Orlando Bloom!

Thursday 12:17 PM, 20/10/2011
She's amazing!
Orlando is a pretty good photographer!
Miranda Kerr is one of the models for Rag & Bone Jeans and is part of their new do-it-yourself campaign, which is basically where the models are photographed with no stylist, make up, hair, or professional photographer! Well Miranda had her hubby, Orlando Bloom, play photographer while she posed in her favorite Rag & Bone clothes!

Miranda looked totally amazing and it seems like Orlando has some real talent behind the camera! He's currently filming The Hobbit in New Zealand, so they used the natural beauty surrounding them as a backdrop! Gorgeous! Click on the pics to see more of Miranda!

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Orlando Bloom Is Hands On!

Wednesday 1:08 PM, 19/10/2011
Orlando and his driver! Here's his dog, Sidi! Orlando is so handsome!
We really love Orlando Bloom! Not only is Orlando a talented actor, devoted husband, and father, but he is also a great dog owner! We spotted Orly taking his dog, Sidi, to the vet. Most celebs just have an assistant do the dirty work, but not Orly, he's hands on and we love him even more for it!

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Just Call Them Bond, James Bond! Top Ten Sexy Celebs Who Look Sweet In Suits!

Friday 2:11 AM, 09/09/2011
2. Navy blue is a great color for a suit, this cool suit looks fantastic on Kanye West! 3. Orlando Bloom looks boyish and sexy in this suit, especially with the brown suede shoes! 4. David Beckham always wears the most amazing suits! Hottie! 5. Matthew McConaughey looks great! 6. Bradley Cooper looks preppy, and hot! 7. James Franco has a cool style! 8. This is a bit too boring for Ashton Kutcher, wouldn't he look great in a navy blue suit? 9. We think 50 cent has a bit too much going on here, pink shirt, pink tie and a brown belt? 10. This is our least favorite of the bunch! Jamie Foxx black, off white and brown/grey mix is not a great mix..
Oh how we love a man in a suit. There's something so undeniably sexy about a man in a well tailored suit jacket that just makes us melt! We picked the hottest celebs out there and rated them on their suit style! Click on the pics to check out hotties like Bradley Cooper and Orlando Bloom in their suits! Totally delish!
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