Olivier Martinez

12 January 1966, Paris, France
49 years

Kylie Minogue
Olivier Martinez is from a workingclass family and was raised in the Paris suburbs. He has Spanish and Moroccan roots. He loves jazz music and riding motorcycles. Has dated Kylie Minogue.

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Halle Berry Is All Loved Up!

Thursday 2:12 AM, 31/05/2012
Olivier is so good for her!
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were recently spotted shopping together and we have to say: what a great looking couple! We think they are so perfect together and Halle looks so laid back and at-ease. We really hope her dreams of love finally come true!
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Eduardo Cruz And Olivier Martinez: It's Bro-Time!

Friday 9:20 AM, 20/04/2012
We spotted Eduardo Cruz and Olivier Martinez leave a liquor store in West Hollywood. Are they talking about their girls Eva Longoria and Halle Berry?
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Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Confirms Engagement!

Tuesday 8:48 AM, 17/04/2012
The happy couple! He's great with kids!
A couple of years ago Halle Berry swore that she'd 'never, never' get married again- but that was before Olivier Martinez entered the picture. The ...READ MORE ▶
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Halle Berry And Her Cute Family!

Monday 8:17 AM, 16/04/2012
We spotted Halle Berry, her daughter Nahla Aubry and fiance Olivier Martinez spend the day on Malibu Beach in California. They're such a cute family!
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Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez & Nahla Enjoy A Day At The Beach!

Monday 1:28 PM, 09/04/2012
We spotted Halle Berry and fiance Oliver Martinez spending the day on Malibu Beach for a fun family day with Halle's daughter Nahla. So wonderful! The trio walked the sand in Malibu near where the actress owns a home. Oliver and Nahla looked at shells together and at one point, he picked her up and spun her around, so sweet! I seems like they had a beautiful day togheter!
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Olivier Martinez has FINALLY confirmed the engagement with Halle Berry!

Monday 8:47 AM, 12/03/2012
They look so happy!
It has been rumors that the couple, Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez, are engaged with each other. Halle have carried an engagement ring since Janur...READ MORE ▶
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