Noel Fielding

21 May 1973, Westminster, London, England
41 years

Noel Fielding is a English actor, comedian and artist. He performed regularly as a stand-up comedian during the late 1990s in a show called Gas. Noel Fielding is known for his role in the comedy series "The Mighty Boosh".
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Monday 4:29 PM, 24/01/2011
We have nothing but shock to share with you this week at some of these horrible outfits we have had the misfortune of seeing on the ...READ MORE ▶
Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese makes anything looks cheap, but this little animal print dress needed no help! Noel Fielding. Are we alone in saying he gives us the creeps? Those gold shoes are so not cute and that cape just looks well, weird! Camilla Belle we are so upset by this silly top. What was the girl thinking really? When is Pamela Anderson going to buy a new wardrobe? We are so sick of her white t shirt dresses and big boots. They are looking gray and old and so is she. Put some makeup on Pammi! Greta Gerwig is trying too hard. This outfit is way too much at once! Marianne James shows a the oldest fashion mistake in the book. Too much colour, a big print and way too much fabric will always make you look bigger! Nicki Minaj. Ack! Where to start. The worst thing about this mess has to be the hair! Chloe Sevigny is this week's number one because we expect so much more from her. She is supposed to be a style icon and then she wears this nasty, badly fitted blue and white draped nightmare. NO!
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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 8:54 PM, 31/05/2009
8. Why does heiress Paris Hilton always have to make things so complicated?
This would have looked nice, but why the draping at her waist? 7. Singer Marilyn Manson has his own style and that's cool, but his makeup it not ok... 6. We are getting tired of Avril Lavigne's punk rock style! Why can't Deryck Whibley give his wife to stop dressing like a teenage boy! 5. Singer Mariah Carey's dress is not flattering for her figure... 4. It is not hard to find mistakes in this picture of Queen Latifah: the dress, the haircut, the camera angle, the handbag.... 3. Ooops, English stand-up comedian Noel Fielding from The Kills must have looked in the wrong closet when he woke up, or did he really buy this coat for himself? 2. Huh, artist Beth Ditto's dress is something to forget. The stop sign says it all! 1. And this week's winner is.... Lorielle London! Is she trying to competing with Lady Gaga!
This past week brought us some new "interesting" outfits! Some of this week's celebs have almost been regulars at this top list, i.e. Paris Hilton and Avril Lavigne. But we also have some newcomers this week, Mariah Carey and Rachel Hunter. So, who is number one?


Who do you think was This Weeks Worst Dressed?

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