No Doubt

Aug 29 2011 8:45 AM

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z: Pregnant!

We just heard the best news ever...

Aug 24 2011 4:14 PM

January Jones, Distant and Cold On the Set of Mad Men!

January Jones is STILL pregnant in case you were wondering...

Jul 18 2011 9:13 PM

Strike (The Same) Pose!

Have you guys ever noticed that many celebs pose the same way every time they walk the Red Carpet...

Jun 21 2011 2:20 AM

It's Here....New Muppets Movie Trailer!

We really can't wait to see The Muppets, due out this November...

May 24 2011 9:07 AM

Lady Gaga Wrote Judas About Ex Boyfriend!

So that's where she got the whole betrayer theme for the song from...

Apr 24 2011 2:50 PM

Royal Wedding Guest List Revealed!

No Doubt most of the cameras will be pointed on the couple itself but here's a list of other celebrities that are expected to show up to witness the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton...

Apr 8 2011 8:32 AM

LiLo Lands A Job!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan's comeback might be on the horizon for real this time...

Nov 18 2010 6:27 PM

Child star Pics - Remember What They Looked like?!

That is a good question...

Jul 2 2010 11:23 PM

Twilight Hysteria Hits London!

Twilight star Ashley Greene continues her PR tour around Europe and yesterday it was time for the British premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' in London...