Nina Dobrev

9 January 1989, Sofia, Bulgaria
26 years

Ian Somerhalder
Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian actress and is most known for her role as Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce in the hit TV-series, Vampire Diaries.
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Nina Dobrev Thinks Pink!

Monday 12:19 PM, 03/10/2011
We just love Nina Dobrev! She's so beautiful and amazing! We recently spotted Nina promoting "Project Pink Day" for breast cancer awareness and we think it's so great of her to work for a good cause! Way to go Nina! And we looooove her heels!

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Beauty Tips! How To Smile Like the Stars!

Thursday 2:15 AM, 29/09/2011
Ashley Tisdale has a cute smile that we loove! Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba are a happy duo! Beautiful Nina Dobrev has a smile we love! Leighton Meester's teeth are so white and she looks great! Wow! Ashlee Simpson has some really white teeth!
If you're embarrassed about your smile, then no worry no longer! We have some quick tips that will give your a smile like Hollywood's hottest celebs! Try these tips and flash your pearly whites!

1. Use the inside of the peel from a lemon and rub it on your teeth! It will leave your teeth looking great and white!

2. Rub some strawberries on your teeth, it should make your teeth whiter and it tastes great!

3. If your in a tanning booth smile wide for a minute a couple of times and you get whiter teeth and a great looking tan! But don't overdo it!

4. Buy a sports retainers and mold it to your teeth, then put some toothpaste on your teeth (rub it into the creases and corners so it's even) and then put the retainer over the toothpaste!

5. Use a straw when drinking cola or coffee, which will help reduce staining.

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Top 10 most beautiful Hollywood brunettes!

Friday 10:12 AM, 23/09/2011
How cute and flirty isn't Shay Mitchell, from Pretty Little Liars! We just LOVE Mila Kunis! Kim Kardashian the hot diva! Nina Dobrev, there are no WORDS! Eva Longoria is soo beautiful! Our fiery latina fave, Penelope Cruz! Wow, Megan Fox! We want Vanessa Hudgens to be our BFF! Miranda Kerr is an angel! ;)
Blonds are fun and redheads are mysteries, so what about brunettes? well when we think about brunettes, we think about famous beauties like, Angelina Jolie! she's hot and goddess like, and like some of our other fave brunettes, we envy her because there’s a dangerous cleverness about a hot brunette that will destroy any man, if they let her! but the problem is that the beautiful and talented brunettes of hollywood are many! stars like Nina Dubrev, Mila Kunis and Shay Mitchell are all winning us over, but we can't decide... Who is our fave brunette right now? Click on the pics to see our top ten list of beautiful brunettes! which one is your fave? because nobody can resist a smart brunette over a dumb blond! right?
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Who's Hair Was Best? Nina Dobrev vs. Maria Menounos!

Monday 10:13 PM, 19/09/2011
Nina Dobrev looked so gorgeous at the Emmy's! While we adore her dress, we also loved her hair! The side part and gentle waves looked so glamorous! But we felt like we were seeing double when TV correspondent, Maria Menounos, arrived! She also had the same hairstyle! Did Nina and Maria hire the same stylist? If so, we would like the number because they both look absolutely beautiful! Don't you think?
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Nina Dobrev's Dress Dilemma!

Monday 6:16 PM, 19/09/2011
Nina Dobrev had a gorgeous dress at the Emmy's this year, but beauty always comes with a price!

@ninadobrev: Okay...So, the dress fit like a glove but no one said anything about using the restroom. How?! Instructions please!???!?!?!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!

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Red is the New Black, According Lea Michele and Kate Winslet!

Monday 5:10 PM, 19/09/2011
Kate Winslet looks stunning in her red dress!  Nancy O'Dell's looks  hot in her red mermaid dress! Sofia Vergara, looking good in a red one shoulder dress! We think Nina Dobrev was the best dressed! We love her look! Adrianne Palicki's dress is not our fave but still, it's spicy!
Besides all of the awesome fashion at the Emmy's we noticed one huge thing: almost every celeb was wearing red! Forget the little black dress, it's time for the the little red dress! We spotted Kate Winslet, Nina Dobrev, and Lea Michele all looking red hot! Click on the pics our fave stars look fiery and fierce! Who rocked red the best?


Who Rocked Red the Best?

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