Nikki Reed

17 May 1988, West Los Angeles, California, USA
26 years

Paris Latsis, Paul McDonald
Nikki Reed is an American actress and screenwriter. The first movie she did was "Thirteen" in 2003 and that´s when she first got famous because she co-wrote the screenplay. She plays the role as Rosalie Hale in the movie "Twilight - New Moon" and a part in the TV-series "Privileged". She is close friends with her "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart
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Frizz to Fantastic: Get Smoother, Shinier Hair!

Wednesday 4:09 PM, 19/10/2011
Nikki Reed has smooth and shiny hair! The gorgeous Sofía Vergara has really beautiful hair! Reese Witherspoon's hair always looks smooth and soft! Blake Lively's hair is long but still smooth! Look at Jennifer Lopez wavy hair! Love it! Denise Richards has perfect hair! Beautiful Miranda Kerr! Soo stunning! Eva Longoria looks great! Kim Kardashian looks so cute and we really love her long and smooth hair!
Even on our best hair days, we still have a bit of frizz and it seems like no matter how many times we try to tame flyways they're always there! So how do celebs like Beyonce go from really big curly hair to super smooth and shiny hair? We did some digging and here's what we've found out:

The best smoothing product we've found is called RealLisse by Zerran. It smoothes your hair and gives it amazing shine, and while it won't completely straighten your hair (you'll need your straightening iron for that) it does help to tame frizz and break down unruly curls. And the best part about RealLisse is that it's completely vegan! We are truly amazed by this product, which is made from wheat, corn, and oat proteins and it doesn't contain any keratin or animal products! So if you want to smoother hair with a lustrous shine, try RealLisse! We love it!

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Nikki Reed Wedding Details!

Saturday 6:48 PM, 15/10/2011
Kirstin Stewart may be getting married on screen, but in reality Nikki Reed is the Twilight gal who's getting ready to walk down the aisle! She has...READ MORE ▶
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Top List! The Nine Best Celebrity Blogs!

Friday 8:10 PM, 07/10/2011
8. Zooey Deschanel's blog is pretty good! 7. Dianna Agron's blog is very personal and she share clips from her life or just stuff she likes! 6. Kim Kardashian loves to write about her fab celeb life and we like reading about it! We love Kim's blog! 5. We love Ashley Tisdale's vlog! We just wish that she would post more vlogs every day! 4. The star of  Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler's blog is kind of artsy, just like him! 3. Whitney Port's blog is cute and wonderful! 2. Nikki Reed's blog is our fave! She writes about all her thoughts and dreams. You really feel like you get to know her! 1. Jim Carrey's vlog is great, funny, and soo weird! You never know what's coming up next!
We love to read celebs blogs! They give us a fun insight to the real lives of celebrities! Some celebs even Vlog, which is video blogging and is so much fun! Remember Jim Carrey's creepy vlog to Emma Stone? Click on the pics to see our top nine fave celebs who blog!
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The Best and the Worst of the Teen Choice Awards Fashion!

Monday 5:19 PM, 08/08/2011
This dress looks like an ice skater got angry and ripped a few holes in her dress, you know, to be rebellious. Poor Lucy Hale. Nina Dobrev looks cute, but kind of boring. This dress would be so great if she was out picking flowers in a field, her and Ian Somerhalder, holding hands... Selan Gomez looks lovely in gold and white. We're not totally loving this modern, pageant sash. But whatevs. There are no words for this fugly ensemble. Shay Mitchell, remember this look, it's what you should never, ever wear again Taylor Swift brought home a ton of awards! Her dress is sweet, a bit boring, but she looks nice. Zoe Saldana in metallics and weird rope belt. From a far, we bet this dress is really pretty but then you get close and it looks a tailored 80's prom dress. How bored and TALL does Khloe Kardashian look? And Kim Kardashian has her game face on. We wonder how long it will be till she totally crumbles? Sweet Zoeey Deschanel! The dress has a cute shape, but it's just so young looking. We'd like to see Zoeey in a slightly older silhouette, she'd look stunning! And she's wearing a ton of makeup. This is dress (skirt and top....?) is just a really unflattering on Ashley Green. The weird design makes her look shapeless. Demi Lovato, love the nude and neon but we hate the tail. This dress is just so Fergie. If anyone else was wearing this we'd declare it a hot mess, but for Fergie, almost anything goes. Nikki Reed. We don't hate this dress but we think it'd be much better for a sweet dinner out by the beach. Right? Aw, BFFs! Doesn't this picture make you so happy?
Last night was the Teen Choice Awards and the fashion was hit or miss. The Teen Choice Awards are pretty casual as far as awards shows go, but celebs still take the opportunity to dress up. Many celebs dressed in bright colors and cute dress- perfect for the event and the season! But a few others wore some outfits that had us saying: WTH?
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Nikki Reed Shops For Denim!

Saturday 9:13 AM, 06/08/2011
We saw the very gorgeous, Nikki Reed, shopping in West Hollywood at 1969. She just glows! Maybe it's from being engaged or maybe it's because she's super famous? Either way, she looks amazing! What do you think of her dress? We kinda like it! We love how she's always smiling!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Tuesday 9:05 PM, 14/06/2011
Mischa Barton decided to channel Two-Face, which is just as scary as the character from Batman! Nicole Kidman with hubby, Keith Urban. Nicole is wearing a daring Proenza Schouler dress but let's be honest, it looks terrible.  We don't know what's worse: the slip showing, the shoes, or her hair! Sarah Owen wore this dress to her sister, Lily Allen's, wedding. We think it's pretty inappropriate and looks super uncomfortable. Jennifer Lopez went WAY TOO FAR with the animal print trend. A dress and thigh-high snakeskin boots, ugh. Poor Nikki Reed looks like she's suffocating this dress. The neckline is soooo high!
From Nicole Kidman to Sarah Owen and even Heidi Klum, this week's worst dressed was just terrible. What we've learned this week is to make sure you're patterns don't clash, keep your underwear in check, and if the dress reminds you a cartoon character you probably shouldn't wear it! Who do you think was this week's worst dressed?
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