The Pussycat Dolls Catfight is on!

Monday 12:37 PM, 27/04/2009
The Pussycat Dolls Catfight is on!

Its all about Nicole!

Its all about Nicole!

ex Pussycat Doll Robin Antin and Nicole

ex Pussycat Doll Robin Antin and Nicole
The girls partied after the concert like nothing was wrong!

The girls partied after the concert like nothing was wrong!
The Pussycat Dolls are touring with Britney Spears' Circus and this weekend in Phoenix Melody Thornton proved all the catfight rumours are true! Melody took a moment on stage in front of thousands of fans to diss fellow Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole has pretty much gone solo, even though she is the lead singer. So all the new Pussycat Doll songs say "Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger". Bitchy Melody thanked her fans for supporting her even though she is not featured - MEOOW! (Source: PerezHilton)

See how it all went down:


Should the Pussycat Dolls break up?

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(Read it!!)(non member) 1
27/04/2009 12:56 PM
I love PCD more than nothing! I don't want PCD is
I understand that Nicole name is under song
called "Jai ho", becauser she wrote it, but
hush,hush? I heard one radio interview and there
Nic said that she don't know why her name is under
that song!

I hate them!(non member) 2
27/04/2009 3:08 PM
I love Nicole so it would be better for her to
quit this band!She is soo much better without
them!They are just jelaus!

don't blame Nicole!(non member) 3
06/06/2009 10:00 AM
I love them since "Don't
don't blame Nicole for all of this
it's not her fault, it's the
management's decision
to let Nic lead the

L.(non member) 4
25/06/2009 2:40 PM
I think that Nicole gets a bit too much attention.
The Pussycat Dolls are so cool, but Nicole... too
much of her. I don't want the group to break up,
but when Nicole leaves, then it's better for
herself and the other Dolls. Somewhere, I heard
that Nikki l

Dont break up!!!(non member) 5
05/07/2009 8:58 PM
I love the PCD!!! I really hope they dont break
up! Nicole is sooooooooooo hogging the camera
there! She is such a poser!

???(non member) 6
05/07/2009 9:05 PM
What did Melody say on stage, I could not hear it

klwsdnmembff(non member) 7
10/10/2009 3:21 PM

klwsdnmembff(non member) 8
10/10/2009 3:21 PM
I Hate Nicole S! I'm All For PCD Kicking Her Out!

demmentiacro (Posh24 member) 9
07/11/2009 4:49 PM
what are they doing? nicole sings and they dance
stupid,but i love them all

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