Nicole Scherzinger

29 June 1978, Honolulu, Hawaii
36 years

Talan Torriero, Lewis Hamilton,, David Ayi, Nick Hexum
Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer, dancer and songwriter. 2001 she participate in the American edition of Popstars, where she joined the band Eden's Crush but chose to leave after 2 years to be a part of the Pussycat Dolls. Nicole Scherzinger is in addition to their touring with the group released a solo album which has had success in the U.S. She also became one of the few selected to present songs for the newly elected President Barack Obama in the end of the year 2008.

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Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger, and Steve Jones Fired from X-Factor!

Tuesday 3:30 PM, 31/01/2012
The big X-Factor team, doesn't seem to be much of a family anymore... Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger.
Half of the X-Factor team just got the boot! According to insiders, the judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul and the show host, Steve Jones, a...READ MORE ▶
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The Airport Runway Is My Runway!

Wednesday 8:03 PM, 25/01/2012
Victoria Beckham is always posh. Here she's spotted wearing a gray dress, heels and a beige clutch. Comfy style, Lily Allen! She combines a cute yellow dress with a cozy gray cardigan at LAX airport. Fergie is fergalicious! The red jacket is a great way to stand out from the crowd! Kim Kardashian is both trendy and comfy! We love her fab heels! Elizabeth Hurley has an obsession for expensive bags! Here she is spotted with both Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Perfect casual clothing, Nicky Hilton! Trashed jeans is a common traveling trend according to celebrities. Kardashian-look-a-like Nicole Scherzinger loves the attention at the airport. Her fur coat is totally cute! For Lady Gaga, not even another universe is the limit of fashion. Always taking it to the next level! Lovely Jessica Alba in a cool green vest. Her flower scarf is adorable!
Traveling first class is not enough for celebs, they always fly in first class fashion too. Common trends are expensive Louis Vuitton luggage (preferable carried by someone else ) and huge sunglasses on top of that. Click on the pics to see when not even the sky is the limit for fashion!
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Party Night Out With Nicole Scherzinger

Friday 10:57 AM, 20/01/2012
We spotted Nicole Scherzinger leaving the club, Boujis in London. Love her long palette dress, looks really elegant on her. Wondering who gave the rose she is carrying, it seems that she will save the rose!
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Nicole Scherzinger Held At Gunpoint In Mexico!

Saturday 8:06 PM, 17/12/2011
Artists are known to pick far-away and exotic locations for their music videos, and sometimes the locals complain, but things usually don't end in ...READ MORE ▶
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Nicole Scherzinger on 'Extra'!

Saturday 3:33 PM, 10/12/2011
We saw Nicole Scherzinger when she was filming an appearance on the entertainment news show 'Extra' and it looked like she had a great time, laughing all the way through the filming!
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This Week's Top 10 Celebrity Street Style Looks: Winter Black Edition!

Thursday 7:13 PM, 08/12/2011
02. We like Emily Blunt's mix of texture and her combat boots! Very on trend. 03. Mena Suvari wears a black leather jacket with a black maxi skirt! We like how she went with a skirt instead of pants! 04. The pop of yellow really adds to Michelle Trachtenberg's black leather dress! 05. Easy elegance! We love Nicky Hilton's coat and paired with grey skinny jeans and black flats, it's a sure win! 06. We love the addition of Anna Paquin's green boots! Super cool, Anna! 07. Bip Ling's wild style is really fun! The only thing we could do without is the lavender lipstick. 08. Yeah, Nicole Scherzinger is wearing black leather bell bottoms! Fugly! 09. Christina Aguilera wears black pants with a red striped shirt. We like the addition of the black hat! 10. Ellen Pompeo mixes a black leather vest with professional looking black pants, not the best combo! And her shirt is totally see-through!
It's that time of year! The time wear we bundle up and wear dark colors like grey and black. Since it's inevitable that we're going to wear black, we thought we'd get some inspiration from our favorite celebs and see how they wore winter black! Click on the pics to see this week's celebrity street style!
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