Nicole Richie Back To Blonde!

Nicole Richie smiling hairstyle blond flowy middle path
Fashionista Nicole Richie posted this Twitter pic of herself yesterday showing off her brand new hairdo! Nicole suprised everyone earlier this year by switching up her look with a flowing darker hairstyle, but now she is back to beachy golden blonde again. Which look do you prefer for her?
Nicole Richie smile hairstyle side braided
Classic Nicole
Nicole Richie brunette vs blonde
The darker look was much more dramatic on her
Nicole Richie smile blond bouffant updo side fringe low pony
The darker look was much more dramatic on her
Nicole Richie smile messy updo side swept ponytail
We loved this for her!
Nicole Richie blonde twitter pic
Back to blonde!
Published Aug 30 2010 11:41 PM
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