Nicole Richie

21 September 1981, Berkley, USA
32 years

DJ AM, Joel Madden, Busta Rhymes, Tobey Maguire, Adam Goldstein, Steve-O, Brody Jenner
Nicole Richie is the celebrity who became known primarily through her friendship with Paris Hilton and documentary The Simple Life, but now managed to carve out a career as a model, designer and singer in the rock band Darling. She was adopted at the age of two by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson is her godfather. Together with singer Joel Madden, she has a daughter and another on the way. Nicole Richie would not describe herself as a celebrity, but think it is the fans who created her.

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Style Tip: Heart-Shaped Sunglasses!

Tuesday 5:21 PM, 01/09/2009
Avril Lavigne Kelly Osbourne has them in every colour! Paris Hilton Pixie Lott Madonna Lily Cole Drew Barrymore Nicole Richie Luke Worrall and Kelly
Do you remember those plastic heart-shaped sunglasses that so many little girls wear on their summer holidays? Well if you loved them, we have some good news for you! They are a major trend at the moment with fashion houses like Moschino making them in all colours this season! Everyone from Madonna, to Britney Spears and supermodel Lily Cole have been showing off theirs! Kelly Osbourne and her boyfriend Luke Worrall even have matching pairs so you can even get some for your man!


Would you wear this trend?

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Nicole Richie Trades Designer Fashion for Toilet Paper!

Sunday 8:20 PM, 30/08/2009
Nicole Richie Trades Designer Fashion for Toilet Paper!
Nicole Richie's belly continues to grow and the petite Hollywood star has traded her designer clothes for comfortable sweatpants and oversized sweaters! She's also been spending more time at the grocery store than at the exclusive Beverly Hills boutiques and was spotted leaving Laurel Canyon yesterday with a grocery bag full of toilet paper! Nice to be reminded that the stars are just people like the rest of us!
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Madden Brothers Make The Girls Scream!

Monday 10:54 PM, 17/08/2009
Madden Brothers Make The Girls Scream!
Joel Madden Rocking it out! Benji is still single after his break-up with Paris Hilton last year
Brothers Joel Madden and Benji Madden played a live concert this weekend in Ventura, California with their band Good Charlotte. The brothers are so popular with the girls now that they are famous, (despite the fact that Joel is with Nicole Richie), that their usually male audience was full of screaming girls! Joel even joked about it, saying that if he had known their would be so many girls, he would have worn a tie and dressed up a bit more! They are so cute! Here is a clip from the show:

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Mischa Back at Work - Thanks To Nicole Richie!

Wednesday 11:43 AM, 29/07/2009
Mischa Barton seems to be doing a lot better since her breakdown a week or so ago that ended with her being hospitalised for psychiatric problems after a rumoured drug binge. She is heading to work on her new tv series The Beautiful Life and everthing seems to be back on track for her! We hear Mischa has an old friend to thank for her quick recover, former wild child Nicole Richie has been there all the way to support Mischa and has her on a strict watch and is helping to become healthy. Nicole has even banned Mischa from cigarettes! Well done Nicole and keep it up Mischa!(Source: )Radar


Do you think Mischa will okay now?

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The worst celeb mug shots!

Wednesday 2:54 PM, 17/06/2009
50 cent - Aug 05, 1994. Charged with peddling heroin and crack cocaine. Carmen Electra - Nov 01, 1999. Charged with battering her husband. Chris Tucker - April 19 2005. Charged with reckless driving after he did not immediately pull over his car. Lil Kim - Jun 23, 1996. Charged with possession of marijuana. Marilyn Manson - Jul 05, 2001. Charged with criminal sexual conduct. Matthew McConaughey -Oct 05, 1999. Charged with possession of marijuana. Mel Gibson - July 31, 2006 - Arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Michael Jackson - Nov 20, 2003. Arrested on charges of Child Molestation. Nick Carter - Mars 7, 2005. Arrested for driving while intoxicated. Nicole Richie - December 11, 2006. Spotted driving on the wrong way down a freeway. After being stopped by Police she apparently admitted taking the pain killer vicodin and smoking pot. Ozzy Osbourne - May 05, 1984. Charged with public intoxication. Robert Downey Jr.- Aug 05, 1999. Drug conviction Tommy Lee - Oct 05, 1999. Charged with assault and inciting a riot. Vince Vaughn - Apr 12, 2001. Arrested after a brawl outside a club.
A mug shot is a photo that´s been taken after a person has been arrested by the police. These pictures almost never show a person's best sides because their often influenced by some kind of alcohol or drugs or have been in some kind of fight, and that is why they are being arrested! See some of the most embarrassing mug shots that celebs like Hugh Grant, Lil Kim, Chris Tucker, Vince Vaugn and Nicole Richie will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Whose picture do you think is the worst?
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Breaking News!

Sam Dumps Lilo - AGAIN!

Wednesday 12:36 PM, 17/06/2009
Samantha Ronson's friends have convinced her again that Lindsay Lohan is bad news for her! Last night after having dinner with good friend Nicole Richie (who everyone knows can't stand Lilo), Sam broke up with Lindsay over text message! We hear the two girls have been fighting non-stop in the last few days and Sam finally let Nicole convince her, she is better off without Lindsay. We are not sure how long this latest breakup will last, we are sure there is more drama to come from Lindsay, really upset about being dumped via text! (Source: OK!)
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