Nicole Richie

21 September 1981, Berkley, USA
33 years

DJ AM, Joel Madden, Busta Rhymes, Tobey Maguire, Adam Goldstein, Steve-O, Brody Jenner
Nicole Richie is the celebrity who became known primarily through her friendship with Paris Hilton and documentary The Simple Life, but now managed to carve out a career as a model, designer and singer in the rock band Darling. She was adopted at the age of two by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson is her godfather. Together with singer Joel Madden, she has a daughter and another on the way. Nicole Richie would not describe herself as a celebrity, but think it is the fans who created her.

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Friend or Foe?! Top 6 Hollywood Frenemies!

Wednesday 7:16 PM, 17/08/2011
2. We think that Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad's friendship is lost forever! Too bad! 3. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston became best friends when they stared in TV show "Friends". But when Courteney was hanging out with her "Cougar Town" colleagues while she was married (but separated) to David Arquette, Jen got angry (flashbacks from her break up with Brad)! And their friendship got lost in the fight! 4. Don’t be fooled! Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall may seem like best friends on camera, but in real life they can’t stand each other! Rumor says that the beef started because Sarah was making more money that Kim and therefore she felt undervalued! 5. Never hook up with your best friends ex, or even worst, don't steal you best friend's husband! That's what Denise Richards did, and we understand why Heather Locklear now hates her former BFF! 6. Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera might be the biggest enemies in Hollywood! And their feud has been loud and ugly!
Some friendships are forever but others have an expiration date that just can't be ignored! If you followed the reality show, The Hills, then you know that former BFF's, Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, no longer get along. During the show they slowly drifted apart from each other and there was a time when they really hated one each other! Abd who can forget about the biggest catfight in Hollywood between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? They were once inseparable! It now seems like the girls have patched things up again, but will they be friends for life? Check out our Top 6 Hollywood Frenemies!
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Simply Stylish: Jordin Spark's Perfect Accessory!

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 10/08/2011
What kind of purse do you carry? Is it a tiny one that can barely hold your lipstick and cellphone? Or do you have a huge bag that swallows all of your stuff into one big abyss? Through our series, Simply Stylish, we'll share our style secrets to ensure that you never have to dig for your stuff again.

To avoid diggings for your cell and wallet, choose a big, leather bag with pockets like Nicole Richie. Try to find a purse with a cellphone holder, a place for your wallet, and a zippered pocket for things like extra earrings. Choose a bag in a neutral brown or black leather, they go with everything! We'd pair our bag with a colorful kimono jacket, a thin belt, and some boyfriend jeans.

If you going out, you don't want to be carrying a HUGE bag around with you, so instead choose a brightly colored clutch! You can pair a clutch with a colorful dress like Jordin Sparks or let it be that pop of color in an all black ensemble. So fun and chic!

Black Bag:Topshop
Blue Clutch:Topshop
Red Kimono:Topshop
Black Belt:Forever21
Pink Dress:Topshop
Black Suede Heels:Asos
Black Tank Top: Topshop
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Hairstyle Tip: Messy Beach Hair!

Monday 5:19 PM, 25/07/2011
Before Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair off she often rocked messy beach hair when she went out. Kate Hudson look natural in her hairstyle! It's easier for Shakira to get this hairstyle because she has naturally curly hair. Jessica Biel with really messy beach hair on the red carpet! Add a braid, just like Drew Barrymore, and you'll look like you just came out of the water!
You know when you've been to the beach all day and you have plans to go out at night but don't have time to go home and fix your hair? Well, don't worry! Summer is all about that messy hairdo you get from a day in the sun! Celebs like Jessica Biel, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Hudgens love this look! This hairstyle is super easy to fix, even if you haven’t been to the beach! You only need a comb, a curling iron, and some saltwater hairspray!

Follow these three, easy steps to get that messy beach hairstyle:
1. Start by curling large sections of your hair. Messy is the key word for this look, so the curls don't have to be perfect!
2. Use a comb and tease your roots for volume.
3. Add a bit of saltwater hairspray. It gives you the perfect finish that helps your beachy waves stay in place!

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Nicole Richie Signs Up For New Fashion Show!

Thursday 5:59 PM, 07/07/2011
Hopefully Nicole can give Jessica some style tips while she is there! Elle Macpherson will be hosting the show!
Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for! Nicole Richie giving style tips on TV! Midst the pre-production of super model Elle Macpherson's ...READ MORE ▶
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Nicole Richie: From Trash To Class!

Friday 5:16 PM, 01/07/2011
BFF's with bad taste. In 2009 Nicole was super skinny! She looks so pretty and happy with the baby bump! Nic's style is starting to change to the better. Hallelujah! 2010. Boho-chic! Classic Nicole Richie style! Now she looks healthy and cute! 2011. Now we talking! Nicole is so gorgeous!
Do you remember what Nicole Richie looked like a couple of years ago when she was best buddies with Paris Hilton? We know everyone’s trying to forget that memory because it wasn’t a good sight! Today, Nicole Richie is one of our favorite fashionistas and we love her boho-chic style! She has really transformed to the better, going from chubby trailer-trash to bohemian class! Although we were a bit worried for her when she look like a skeleton, we think she’s shaped up really nicely and looks amazing today! Thank godness for that!
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Are You Wearing Justin Timberlake?

Monday 9:05 PM, 27/06/2011
Gwen Stefani's clothing line "L.A.M.B" has been a huge success! We love Sienna and Savannah Miller's clothing line "Twenty8Twelve"! It's just as fashionable as the sisters of course! In the reality show, The City, we followed Whitney Port's struggle to start her own line, "Whitney Eve".  Nicole Richie loves jewelry and that's why she created her own jewelry collection "House of Harlow". She has also done a clothing line called "Winter Kate".  The fashionable sisters started their own fashion label called "The Row" in 2007. It-girl and fashionista, Chloe Sevigny, has made a collection for fashion label Opening Ceremony. Kate Moss has been collaborating with Topshop since 2007. We love that we can buy clothes designed by Kate to an affordable price! The collections are inspired from her own wardrobe. Justin Timberlake with friend and colleague, Trace Ayala, started the fashion label "William Rast".
It’s not uncommon that celebrities use their fame to live out their dreams of creating their own perfume or bag collection. Almost every celebrity has collaborated with a fashion label or shop, but some celebs have taken it one step further and actually designed the clothes! Check out our favorite celebs that have also worked as designers!

Maybe these celebs were born to be designers and not singers and actors? Which fashion label do you guys like the most?
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