Nicola Roberts

5 October 1985, Stanford, England, UK
29 years

Mark FeeHily
Nicola Roberts is a British singer and a member of the pop group Girls Aloud. She has taken part in many events and TV shows together with her band. Nicola Roberts has also been the face of the brand Vivienne Westwood.
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Pretty Flowers! Nicola Roberts' Happy Cardigan!

Thursday 12:00 PM, 01/11/2012
Loving your cardigan Nicola!
How happy does Nicola Roberts' sunny cardigan make us all?! We spotted her as she left a coffee shop in Primrose Hill, London. Can we just follow you around all day Nicola, please?
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Are You Red-y? Which Red Gown Shines Brighter?!

Monday 7:02 PM, 24/09/2012
Karolina Kurkova... ....or Taylor Swift.... ....or Nicola Roberts?!
Not only do the stars loooove red carpets, they also adore matching the carpet with bright red gowns! This week we spotted Taylor Swift, Karolina Kurkova and Nicola Roberts all rocking alarming dresses! Question remains, who did it better?! Make up your minds and VOTE!


Which red celebrity gown is hotter?!

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Who Pulled It Off And Who Didn't?! Celebrity Redheads!

Tuesday 11:13 PM, 21/08/2012
Ashlee Simpson.. ..or Rihanna.. ...or Nicola Roberts.. ..or Ashley Greene.. ..or Scarlett Johansson?!
So many of our starlets have tried the redhead trend, but who did it better?! Rihanna went bright red while Ashley Greene tried a more sublime shade. It is up to you to decide, which star had the best colored red do?! Make your decision and vote!


Who Did Red Hair Better?!

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Top 10! Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Tuesday 7:02 PM, 07/08/2012
2. Girls Aload singer Nicola Roberts is wearing an ice hockey shirt and.. well, nothing else! It does not look cool with bare legs and heels. A pair of jeans and some sneakers would have been more suitable. 3. No, no Angela Simmons! We don't wanna know what your black underwear looks like underneath your sheer dress. 4. No comments, Richard Simmons....... 5. Nicki Minaj has transformed into a pink tiger, eh? 6. This long sleeved leopard dress is simply too boring on Jessica Biel. 7. Jessica Alba, where is your fun colorful wardrobe today? All black and loose fit is such a shame on you! 8. True Blood actress Janina Gavankar is wearing a window-in-sunset-pattern?! 9. Full House actress Candace Cameron Bure's top is not so cool and her matching with a yellow skirt and ankle cuffs does not make sense! Not at all! 10. We love Jordana Brewster but thing long flowery number is not fun enough! The stretchy top part makes the dress look cheap and boring.
This week the stars went nuts for silly fashion choices. Audrina Patridge matched her very fake spray-on tan with a wide leather skirt, Angela Simmons showed off her underwear and Nicki Minaj pulled off a pink tiger jumpsuit. Fashion disaster de luxe! Click on the pictures to check out this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Top 10 Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Tuesday 7:08 PM, 19/06/2012
R'n'B singer Bonnie Pointer wearing what looks like flames of fire. The top is cute but we don't like the red straps on the sides, Cheryl Cole! Your jacket is not really what we'd wear, Nicola Roberts! Glee actress Jane Lynch is a bit too casual for us, she should spice this outfit up a little! Everything about Snooki is too much. The hair, the leopard print and the much too oversized fushia tunic. No comments, Perez Hilton! A fringe jacket and a sheer top? No, no, no Demi Lovato! We are disappointed in you Drew. You're usually so chic, but this all black outfit is nothing like it. Vanessa Hudgens better be hitting the gym in that outfit...
Oh, where do we even start? These stars clearly didn't take a look in the mirror before they stepped out of the door this morning- or maybe that's exactly what they did! In that case, our fashion taste is way different from theirs. Click on the pics and see this week's worst dressed celebs, like Vanessa Hudgens and Cheryl Cole!
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Who Wore It Best: Nicola Roberts or Rihanna?

Sunday 12:07 AM, 15/04/2012
Which one of these girls paid tribute to Elizabeth Taylor best? Rihanna rocks her 'Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Sweat' from Topshop with dark sunglasses and a long skirt while Nicola Roberts keeps it simple in just a huge ElizabethTaylor face pattern shirt, with the same motive. Who wore it the best: Rihanna or Nicola?


Who wore it best?

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