Hot Or Not?! Nicki Minaj's Crazy Hot Pink Tiger Look!

Tuesday 2:11 AM, 07/08/2012
Nicki Minaj is really everything but a wallflower. She's crazy when it comes to fashion, hair styles and styling- and she's not afraid to try on new things! We spotted the star performing in this hot pink tiger pattern jumpsuit wearing denim shorts and a tanktop on top of it. It's not very wearable, but is it hot or not? That's up to you!


Nicki Minaj's Hot Pink Tiger Jumpsuit!

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12/08/2012 4:36 AM
people are jealous to me nicki minaj is a creative
awesome talented woman


Redstargal (Posh24 member) 2
12/09/2012 11:34 PM
Not. Too much fabric, (shorts, a T-shirt, and a
pink-leopard jumpsuit, all in the same outfit?!)
As much as I love the color pink and animal print,
this one is just a total not.

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