Nicki Minaj

8 December 1984, Saint James, Trinidan Tobago
29 years

Rapper and singer from Trinidad/USA. Her debut album 'Pink Friday' was released in November 2010 and became a huge success!
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RiRi, You're Not The First! Here Are All Bathtub Music Videos!

Friday 5:13 PM, 15/02/2013
Britney Spears pretended to be a suicidal star in her music video Everytime, from 2004. Gwen Stefani's hit song 4 In The Morning is also remembered by the music video. Lady Gaga's music videos are ALWAYS something extra, and Marry The Night was no exception. The 14-minute-video includes a long bathtub scene with Miss Gaga. Nicki Minaj has also tried the bathtub scene in a music video, I Am Your Leader. A colorful video, what else? Mariah Carey tried to seduce her audience with the music video Shake It Off. We're not quite sure if she succeeded.
We were surprised with Rihannas new music video "Stay" since it was very different from what she usually does, and really artistic. But sitting naked in a bathtub? No, that's not something new. We decided we'd make a list of all singers who've done it before her - so click on the pics and check out all music videos shot in a bath tub!
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Don't Worry - Celebrities Also Take Unflattering Pictures!

Monday 7:10 PM, 11/02/2013
Even adorable Emma Watson can take bad pictures! We love Khloe Kardashian, but this picture isn't very flattering. Lindsay Lohan with a double chin. Cheryl Cole with her picture taken from a very bad angle. Kirsten Dunst at one of her worse days.
Have you also been tagged at a very unflattering pic on Facebook lately? Don't worry, it's not the end of the world. Celebrities are constantly followed by paparazzis, which of course leads to many not-so-cute pictures. So do you wanna see the celebs from a side you thought you'd never see them from? Click on the pics and see them all!
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No, Nicki Minaj Is NOT Dead!

Thursday 8:03 AM, 20/12/2012
She's alive!
There's always crazy death rumors regarding celebrities circulating on the Internet. The latest on is a rumor that claims Nicki Minaj died yesterda...READ MORE ▶
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How Nicki Minaj Will Make $5 Million Dollars On New Year's Eve!

Monday 2:45 PM, 17/12/2012
Is she worth it?
Nicki Minaj might just be the queen of rap (or is she, what do you guys think?), but this is a little TOO much we think! The rapper will host a New...READ MORE ▶
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Nicki Minaj Calls Steven Tyler A Racist After American Idol Comment!

Wednesday 8:32 AM, 28/11/2012
She thinks he's racist...
American Idol is really all about feuds this year. First we reported about how Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj called each other nasty things, and how...READ MORE ▶
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Nicki Minaj Goes All Pink: Hot or Not?

Saturday 4:39 PM, 24/11/2012
Quite predictable, but hey! It's Her Minajesty herself, what did you expected? The singer donned a pink suit, black and pink print blouse and pale pink Giuseppe Zanotti platform heels when she attended at the Queens Center Mall on Thursday in preparation of the Thanksgiving holiday. She completed the look with pink hair and pink lipstick. Nickilicious! Wha'ts your opinion of this outfit?


What do you think about Nicki Minaj's Pink Outfit?

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