Nicki Minaj

8 December 1984, Saint James, Trinidan Tobago
30 years

Rapper and singer from Trinidad/USA. Her debut album 'Pink Friday' was released in November 2010 and became a huge success!
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Crazy As Ever! Nicki Minaj's Outrageous Outfit!

Tuesday 2:56 PM, 30/10/2012
Du är galen men kul Nicki!
Another day, another outfit for Nicki Minaj. There is so much going on in these pictures we just don't know where to look. But we bet your are happy with your fashion statement Nicki! You go girl!
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Justin Bieber's "Stolen Computer" Was Just A Joke!

Saturday 12:44 PM, 13/10/2012
What a prankster! Nicki Minaj!
JB might have pulled of the biggest PR-stunt ever! As you know,[url= MORE ▶
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The Diva Fight Continues: "Mariah Carey Called Me A B**CH!"

Thursday 4:04 PM, 04/10/2012
They're sick of each other!
The battle of the ultimate divas is going strong on the set of American Idol. We reported just the other day about how Nicki Minaj said she "wanted...READ MORE ▶
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Caught On Tape! Nicki Minaj THREATENS Mariah Carey On American Idol!

Wednesday 8:35 AM, 03/10/2012
We've already reported how there's A LOT of tension between two of the American Idol judges this year- Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, and now things...READ MORE ▶
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Is It A Barbie?! No It's Nicki Minaj!

Wednesday 2:03 AM, 26/09/2012
Hey Barbie!
She's a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world... Oh, was that you, Nicki Minaj? We thought it was a Barbie doll! We spotted her all dressed up in pink for the launch of her new fragrance 'Pink Friday' at Macy's in NYC. Nicki you look so.. plastic! And we're not sure about adding 'fantastic'...
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Top 6! Worst Dressed Stars Of The Week!

Tuesday 9:14 PM, 25/09/2012
Anne Hathaway. Not our cup of tea. Karolina Kurkova brought a tent on the red carpet. Wonder what she's hiding underneath! Why are everyone dressed like old ladies this week, Lady Gaga? Have we missed something!? Nicki Minaj, that's a bra! Not a shirt! Cameron Diaz was out partying in her pajamas.
We're disappointed! These 6 stars normally dresses really well, but this week something must've gone really wrong somewhere - because what on earth are they wearing?! Sarah Jessica Parker wrapped her old grandma's curtains around her and thought that could pass for a dress and Nicki Minaj forgot what a t shirt looks like. Click on the pics and tell us if you agree!
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