Nick Is Still Worried About His Kidneys!

As we all know, Nick Cannon has had kidney problems for a time. He said to media that it's because he overworked his body. He was recently talking about recovering, but It's obvious that he is still worried about his kidneys! A few days ago, he wrote this on his Twitter:

"I live my life walking in faith and only believe the report of the Lord, so at times I may down play my kidney condition, but it is serious"

According to this tweet, we don't know what to think... Just when we thought everything was on the mend ! We are hoping the best for Nick and His wife Mariah Carey! (perezhilton)
Nick Cannon
We just want you to be healthy again Nick!
Nick Cannon
We just want you to be healthy again Nick!
Nick Cannon
We just want you to be healthy again Nick!
Nick Cannon
We are hoping you the best!
Nick Cannon
We are hoping you the best!
Published Jan 21 2012 8:14 AM
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