Niall Horan

13 September 1993, Mullingar, Irland
20 years

Niall James Horan is one of the members of British boy band One Direction.
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Harry Styles Pranked By Singer - Agrees To Lend Him $5000!

Friday 11:20 AM, 28/03/2014
Harry Styles was pranked by singer Matt Healy from the band The 1975. The One Direction singer received a call from Healy, who's he's never ...READ MORE ▶
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One Direction Demands 100 Bodyguards For World Tour!

Wednesday 2:42 PM, 26/03/2014
One Direction are demanding 100 bodyguards for their upcoming world tour. The Midnight Memories heartrobs have decided to hire 20 security e...READ MORE ▶
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One Direction Stars Writing Songs With Good Charlotte!

Tuesday 8:28 AM, 11/03/2014
One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are taking their songwriting careers to a new level, as they're teaming up with Benji Mad...READ MORE ▶
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One Direction Star Niall Horan Reunites With His Ex-Girlfriend!

Thursday 11:41 AM, 06/03/2014
One Direction star Niall Horan is back together with his ex-girlfriend, Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, after they split last month....READ MORE ▶
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6 Celebrity Dating Mistakes We Think You Should Avoid!

Wednesday 8:50 PM, 05/02/2014
Being Crazy Jealous.
Alessandra Ambrosio has revealed she's super jealous when it comes to relationships. "I want my man for myself", she's said, saying she doesn't like it when he has female friends. You have to realize he picked you and you only for a good reason, right? Moving Too Quickly.
Taylor Swift has a tendency to move too quickly when it comes to relationships, which has made her lose some pretty good guys. Taylor bought for example a house across the street from her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy's family's house in Rhode Island when they dated. Now they're over, but she's still got a house there - awkward! Avoiding "The Talk".
Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora made the mistake never to have "The Talk", which basically meant they were never exclusive, but Rob always thought they were. Rita dated other guys, which made Rob devastated and heartbroken. Getting Matching Tattoos.
When Brody Jenner and Avril Lavine dated they got matching tattoos. Yea, and who even remembers they used to date? Well, they will forever. Being Too Shy.
Playing it too cool when it comes to love is not good either. Take Niall Horan for example, who revealed to everyone in 2012 that he had a crush on Demi Lovato - except he never told her. Who knows, maybe they would've been the IT-couple now if he would have had the guts to ask her out.
Celebrities sometimes act a bit cray when it comes to love. We've taken a closer look at 6 dating mistakes the biggest stars have made, that we hope you avoid when getting out there. Click on the pics and read them all!

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One Direction Are The Most Popular Artists In The World!

Friday 8:22 AM, 31/01/2014
One Direction are the most popular artists in the world. The boyband have been named Global Recording Artists of 2013.

The Best Song E...READ MORE ▶
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