Niall Horan

13 September 1993, Mullingar, Irland
21 years

Niall James Horan is one of the members of British boy band One Direction.
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Harry Styles says that he has never been in love (sorry Taylor)!

Friday 8:30 AM, 28/11/2014
Harry Styles, 20, is somewhat of a ladies man but what about his love life?

Harry and Niall Horan, bandmate from One Direction, ga...READ MORE ▶
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One Direction Announce New Album Release!

Tuesday 8:24 AM, 09/09/2014
One Direction has another album coming up! The boyband announced yesterday that they're releasing their new record called "Four".

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Niall Horan Hurt On Stage By Fan: "Please, Stop!"

Thursday 11:18 AM, 26/06/2014
Niall Horan was hurt on stage when performing in Amsterdam yesterday. The One Direction star now begs fans not to throw things on stage - si...READ MORE ▶
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She Is Reportedly Niall Horan's New Fling!

Tuesday 1:06 PM, 17/06/2014
Niall Horan shared a kiss with 19-year-old model Thalia Heffernan last month, and now the One Direction star reportedly is desperate to find...READ MORE ▶
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10 Ways To Know You're A True One Direction Fan!

Friday 12:10 PM, 13/06/2014
You know every song by heart before the album is out. Honestly, who didn't memorize the lyrics to every track from Midnight Memories before they released the album?
You always - a-l-w-a-y-s - claim you're the number one One Direction fan when someone else says they are.
You kinda want to visit the guys' hometowns. And you kinda know all of their addresses...
You've loved them since day one.
You could fill an entire room with all your 1D merchandise - since there's no thing such as too much One Direction stuff.
You own at least one One Direction cell phone case.
You keep track on who the guys are dating, and you wouldn't really mind being one of the guys' girlfriend.
You are super defensive. When your classmates question your love for the band, you have tons of arguments why they are so amazing.
You follow all the guys on Instagram and Twitter. And you update your 1D Tumblr several times a day with cute 1D GIFs.
We know there are tons of One Direction fans out there - but as always, some of you guys are more deep down to it than others. We've listed 10 signs that you're a real 1D superfan - so click on the pics and check out if you're one of them!
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