Natasha Bedingfield Charms the Paparazzi!

British Pop Star Natasha Bedingfield looked fresh and friendly leaving the L.A.X Los Angeles airport. She was all smiles and waves as she made her way through baggage check. NO that is not her new girlfiend, that is Natasha's sister Nikola. Nikola Rachelle Bedingfield is working on her own singing career too. Listen to her demo song here:
Big Smiles!
Big Smiles!
Big Smiles!
Big Smiles!
Big Smiles!
Posing for the photogs!
Posing for the photogs!
Posing for the photogs!
Posing for the photogs!
look its Tony Danza!
look its Tony Danza!
look its Tony Danza!
look its Tony Danza!
Sisterly love
Sisterly love
Published Jan 20 2009 8:47 PM
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more Paparazzi etc.

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