Natalie Reid

1 January 1985, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
30 years

Natalie Reid is a Canadian actress, singer and Paris Hilton-lookalike. But she's also friends with Paris. Natalie has been in Playboy.

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Natalie Reid goes crazy!

Friday 3:15 PM, 11/07/2008
Natalie Reid goes crazy!
Sexy! Or maybe not...
It looks like Natalie Reid is trying to ditch her image as a Paris Hilton impersonator by going for more of a pirate look! Reid was hamming it for photographers last night outside of Villa Nightclub, and had obviously had too much to drink as she started drawing on her face with eyeliner. Once she was fully made up with a faux moustache, missing tooth and face tattoo, Natalie proceeded to go a little more crazy by posing sexily on top of a man hole and acting as though she was going to make out with her friend. Who would have ever thought Paris Hilton would beat her own impersonator in being classy!
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