Top List: Natalie Portman's 10 Biggest Fashion Disasters!

Natalie Portman is without a doubt one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of our time. But one thing she's not that good at is dressing for the Red Carpet. We hope someone can teach Natalie how to dress, and as soon as possible! Click on the pictures to see some of Natalies most horrifying looks on the Red Carpet.
Natalie Portman black and blue lace dress black stiletto heels
10. In theory this dress may seemed like a good idea, but in reality it just looks like a origami gone wrong.
Natalie Portman red dress with big ruffles black open toe heels
9. The color combination of Natalie's lips and dress is cool, but this outfit still ages her about 15 years.
Natalie Portman dark red lips pink purple dress with red rose beige pumps
8. A red hot mess of ruffles.
Natalie Portman dark blue mini dress yellow clutch purple open toe pumps
7. Nothing here seems to be right. The make up, the dress, the clutch, the Shoes... A terrible combination.
Natalie Portman yellow lace dress black blazer tights ankle boots pink lips brown curls
6. This Jason Wu dress is just not flattering on Natalie. It's so short!
Natalie Portman pink dress black cltuch pink heels tan
5. Yeah, Fringe are cool. Sometimes.
Natalie Portman
4. The color of this heavy dress isn't doing Natalie any good. She looks sick!
Natalie Portman marron long dress off the shoulders
3. Yet another weird choice of colors.
Natalie Portman white dress with ruffles pleads black stilettos
2. A black and blue mess!
Natalie Portman black dress with lace and fringes dark blonde curls black pumps
1. And in the first place, the most hiddeous of them all: Natalie Portman's Viktor and Rolf gown. Why does she insist on putting flowers on dresses?
Published Jan 25 2012 11:19 PM
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