Natalia Vodianova

28 February 1982, Gorky, Russia
33 years

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian supermodel who grew up in a poor family with abusive stepfathers. She was scouted at age 15 by an agent from Paris who told her she could be successful if she learned English quickly. Natalia learned English in 3 months and has now done campaigns for Gucci, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. Is married to Justin Portman and together they have a three children, Lucas, Neva and Viktor. Natalias nickname is "SuperNova".

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Sunday 12:00 PM, 17/06/2012
2. Kate Moss took back second place from Heidi Klum by earning $9.2 million. 3. Russian beauty Natalia Vodianova has earned more than $8.6 million. 4. VIctoria's Secret sweetheart Adriana Lima is earning $7.3 million a year. 5. Doutzen Kroes came in fourth place with the annual income of $6.9 million. 6. Alessandra Ambrosio was ranked as the sixth most-paid model in the world with an income of $6.6 million.
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Friday 10:56 PM, 09/03/2012
2. Lindsay Lohan wears one of this season's hottest trend, colored jeans. Stylish! 3. The pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio wears a relaxed sweater and boots. 4. We love Ashley Tisdale's everyday outfit. 5. Eva Longoria in a simple outfit, she looks fresh! 6. Love the pop of pink on Mandy Moore's relaxed outfit! 7. Blake Lively's colorful scarf looks great with her black coat. 8. Natalia Vodianova in a all blue outfit! 9. Kim Kardashian is stylish as always! 10. These colors looks great on Nicole Kidman.
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Which celebrity wears the best outfit?

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Wednesday 9:11 PM, 07/03/2012
Bianca Jagger accessorized with a red bag to her all black outfit. Super model Natalia Vodianova was hot in navy blue, we love the sailor inspired look! Cassie went with all black. We love the different textures like fur! P.Diddy also plays with the hot trend of all black but different textures. Katy Perry looks better in darker colors than she does in her usual hot pink. Alicia Keys in a hot, black jumpsuit. Salma Hayek has fantastic hair! It's one of her best features. This isn't Nicky Hilton's best far. But we love her Louboutins! Kim Kardashian looks truly dreary in all beige. At least spice the look with a different top or pants, Kim!
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Natalia Vodianova Looks Fresh In Blue!

Thursday 9:29 AM, 01/03/2012
We spotted Natalia Vodianova when she was leaving her hotel in Paris. We love her blue outfit!
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Tuesday 2:41 AM, 08/03/2011
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