Nancy Dell'Olio

23 August 1961, New York, USA
53 years

Sven Göran Eriksson
Nancy Dell'Olio is an American lawyer who is known for her relationship with Sven Göran Eriksson the former manager of The the British football team. The couple started their affair in 1998 while Eriksson was the manager of Lazio football team. They broke up 2007. Nancy Dell'Olio had an autobiography published in June 2007, entitled My Beautiful Game.
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Nancy Dell'Olio Is Looking A Bit Rough!

Friday 4:10 PM, 26/08/2011
She looks like Amy Winehouse!
We spotted Nancy Dell'Olio leaving her house the other day. She was looking a bit rough, right?
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Fashion Battle!

This Week's 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 8:53 PM, 18/10/2009
8. Lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O is known for her outrageous outfits, so this one is quite tame for her actually! We are all for funky style, but seriously: white tights? 7. Kelly Osbourne has been looking so elegant and slim for her performances on "Dancing with the Stars" over the last few weeks, we really don't understand this outfit! She has managed to make herself look as if she has totally ballooned with those awkwardly cut shoulders and the poofy skirt that is just not flattering to her legs! 6. Oh dear Jordan, you have done it again! On someone else this outfit might have had a chance at being trendy, but somehow Jordan manages to make everything she wears look super-trashy with all the wrong accessories and that eye-popping cleavage; not to mention the overdone hair and makeup! 5. Where is pretty model-turned-actress Jaime King under all that bad hair? The only thing we notice is all that wierdly folded shiny, velvety fabric. Is it a dress or a draped curtain? We are not sure. but we hate it! 4. No actress Joanne Allen did not get caught by the paparazzi on her way to school with the kids in the morning. That is what she wore to the big New York premiere of "Where the Wild Things Are"! 3. Speaking of overdone, look at the mess that Mexican singer Amandititita showed up in at the MTV Latino Music Awards! Too much skirt, too much top and even too much hat! No! 2. The former first lady of Football Nancy Dell'Olio has never been one for subtlety, but really this takes the cake! Shiny snakeskin tights, a barely there silver umm.. dress and too much droopy cleavage is a guaranteed recipe for disaster! 1. Pamela Anderson when will you learn? This lingerie/diaper contraption is what she chose to wear to the Los Angeles style awards! Obviously she won no prizes there, but she wins our bad taste prize this week!
This week has been filled with fashion trauma with celebs finding ways to make themselves look ridiculously overdone, tragically under-dressed and even so much older and bigger than they actually are! Find out what huge fashion mistakes celebs like Kelly Osbourne, Pamela Anderson and Jordan made this time around!


Who is your worst dressed celeb?

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This Weeks 9 Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 9:15 PM, 26/07/2009
8. Comedian Carrot Top tries to introduce a new haircut for guys but we are sceptical... 7. Singer and actress Haylie Duff hit town in this batik patterned dress.... Huh! 6. Guns N' Roses guitarist Slashs wife Perla Hudson seems to have trouble fitting in this dress from high school?? 5. Swedish socker coach Sven-Göran Erikssons ex Nancy Dell'Olio seems to be in some sort of mid life crisis.... But it only makes her look older. 4. As we all know Lady Gaga has a crazy fashion sense, but this attempt to look burlesque is a real flopp! We like her normal crazy style better. 3. C-celeb Bai Ling continues to look trashy in hope for attention, but we are not impressed! 2. Help! Jordan has dressed up like Magica de Spell!!! 1. Just as we thought that singer Lil Kim couldn't dress any worse she shows up in this outfit from hell... Congrats Lil!
What a week! We've seen so many new fashion disasters and some celebs have become real regulars at this not so flattering top list.... We sincerely wish for Bai Ling and Jordan to get off this list once and for all, but this doesn't seem to be the case....!


Who do you think was this weeks worst dressed?

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