Oh Snap! We've Had Our Naked Pics Leaked!

Heather Morris is the latest celebrity to have her Naked pictures leaked. Past celebs have been Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester and Rihanna, just to mention a few. And honestly, we're getting sick of it. Like, really sick of it!

What happened to the classy Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn? Taking pictures of yourself without clothes is so unnecessary, especially when you're super famous and everyone is watching you... all the time! Why even taken The Risk? Maybe these ladies can answer that questions!
Vanessa Hudgens blue corset tan pleated skirt silver arm cuff dark brown wavy hair naked pics
Not one, not two but THREE TIMES have pictures of a Naked Vanessa Hudgens been released. For God's sake Vanessa, keep track of your phone!
Rihanna velour animal print jumpsuit red lips ski cap naked pics
When it comes to Rihanna we don't know if the word "leaked" should be used, since she posts half Naked pictures of herself on twitter.
Cassie under cut long wavy hair black dress gold dangle earrings naked pics
R'n'B singer Cassie shows it all (and we mean ALL) in front of her mobile camera.
Leighton Meester blue and black tye dye dress brown waves naked pics sex tape
Naked pictures and a sex tape. Not something you'd expect from Leighton Meester but she has done both!
Ashley Greene pink dress naked pics brown hair
Ashley Greene, what were you thinking taking those photos?
Heather Morris purple dress blonde buffant
Heather's reaction to the leaked photos was to laugh it off. If it was our photos we would more likely sink through the ground, so embarrassing!
Blake Lively black coat printed scarf blonde hair naked pics
Blake Lively simply denies that it's her on the photos... Yeah right! We never heard you had a twin sister.
Paris Hilton floral sun dress floppy brown hat
The infamous "One Night In Paris" is basically what made Paris Hilton famous.
Scarlett Johansson off the shoulder beaded gala gown tousled blonde hair red lips naked pics
The usually snooty Scarlett Johansson definitely shocked the world when her Naked pictures were leaked.
Kim Kardashian black vneck dress shiny brown hair sex tape naked pics
Source: WENN.com
Before anyone even knew who Kim Kardashian was, she simply copied her former friend Paris Hilton and made a sex Video. Classy Kim, classy!
Published Apr 5 2012 3:10 PM
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