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Mariah Carey bares her belly!

Thursday 7:00 PM, 07/04/2011
Nick seems very protective of his wife A tired but happy Mariah relaxing in the car The two parents to be sharing a kiss
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting their twins to arrive any day now but Mariah still found time to be on the cover of Life and Style showing of her bare belly. A very pregnat Mariah looks happy on the front of the magazine and inside she explains "I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now, but then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience. My ultimate goal was to share this incredibly personal moment with my true fans."
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The Pictures that made Kim Kardashian Freak!

Wednesday 10:13 AM, 02/02/2011
She is totally hot though, why deny it?! Time to ease up on the face fixing as well Kim?
So do you remember last October when this issue of W Magazine with naked Kim Kardashian hit the news and had everyone's tongues wagging? Well appar...READ MORE ▶
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Those Miley Naked Pics are FAKE!

Friday 8:41 AM, 03/12/2010
Just because Miley has a flannel top similar to the one in the pictures, doesn't mean its her posing naked!
Have any of you been naughty and had a look at those practically naked pics that appeared online last night and were supposedly stolen from Miley Cyrus' iphone? Well if you looked at them closel, you would've seen that the girl is not Miley Cyrus! She is way thinner than Miley and doesn't have Miley's "Just breathe" tattoo under her breast - duh! We were not fooled and we hope you weren't either!

It has now been confirmed that the girl who is posing in the pictures is a British Miley look-a-like, who takes pictures like these all the time and sends them to boys, pretending to be Miley. Gossip Cop also says that the girl better watch out, because Miley's lawyers are thinking about suing! (Source: you can go and see them here and read more details too)
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Jennifer Aniston Caught Doing Yoga Naked!

Wednesday 10:26 AM, 13/10/2010
Nude yoga  seems like such a bad idea, for so many reasons! What were you thinking Jen?!
Everybody knows by now that one of the keys to Jennifer Aniston's hot body are her daily yoga sessions, but we bet you didn't know that she does her morning yoga stretches in the nude! According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer's garden service gave her the fright of her life when they arrived earlier than usual one morning this week and walked past her window while she was practicing some pretty crazy positions totally naked! Hilarious! It sounds like something straight out of one of her funny movies!

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Paris Hiltons dirty little secret(s)

Sunday 2:08 PM, 03/10/2010
Back in early 2000 Paris was making a name for herself in the New York party scene. The heiress ended up in several NYC tabloids because of her wild partying and serial-dating, but it wasn't until 2003 that she became famous world wide. It all begun with a sex tape. Back in 2000 Paris Hilton was dating Shannon Dorethys ex husband, Rick Solomon. After their split Rick sold the sex tape in 2003 which turned Paris' life upside down and made her famous world wide. Rick Solomon A year after the release of her sex tape, Paris followed up with appearing almost naked on the cover of the german Maxim in 2004. In early 2004 Paris dated "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis, and during that time they shot several risky videos together, which she would come to regret but more on that later! In 2004-2005 she was dating Back Street Boy Nick Carter. They ultimately broke up because Paris was caught cheating on him with her House of Wax co-star Chad Micheal Murrey. A few weeks after the break up pictures of a bruised Paris circulated the Media and Paris commented that they were a result of Nicks anger issues. Chads affair with Paris put an end to his engagement to longtime girlfriend Sophia Bush. In 2005 Paris got a taste for greeks! The first one being shipping heir Paris Latsis whom she was engaged to for 5 months until calling it splits in 2005. Her second greek romance began a few weeks later with yet another shipping heir, Stavros Niarchos III. Stavros Niarchos started dating Paris while he was still with Mary-Kate Olsen, and so socialite Paris had stolen yet another man! America's W magazine quoted Mary-Kate saying: "It's a hurtful and painful subject. I've pretty much been with someone my whole life, so this is a hard time for me." She was arrested for drunken driving and her driving license was suspended. Her punishment was 36 months' probation and fines of about $1500. On January 2007 Paris was pulled over by the police for driving with a suspended license and signed a document acknowledging that she was not permitted to drive. A month later she was caught driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone, again with a suspended license and she didn't have her headlights on either even though it was after dark. The prosecutors said that she had violated the terms of her probation and she was therefor given a 45 day long prison sentence which she begun on June 5th, two days after she attended the MTV Movie Awards. Madame Tussauds dressed their Paris doll in a prison jumpsuit during her imprisonment! In 2007 a website named Parisexposed uploaded vaults of Paris' private home videos and photos. For a $40 fee you could register on the website and view Paris' private footage including this video shot by her ex boyfriend and "Girls gone wild creator" Joe Francis back in 2004! There were several pictures and videos featuring Paris engaging in sexual acts with girls like playmate Nicole Lenz and Eglantina Zingg pictured here. Mischa Bartons boyfriend Cisco Adler was heavily featured in the leaked footage, causing them to break up. In 2008 Paris Hilton got together Benji Madden. She said that they just couldn't help but fall in love after spending so much time together with his brother Joels newborn daughter Harlow, whos mom Nicole Richie is Paris' close friend. Benji was however still at the time together with model Sophie Monk... she must hold a record for breaking up celebrity couples! In 2009 she began dating The Hills star Doug Reinhardt, but later dumped him when she realized he was only using her for her fame. In the summer of 2010 Paris was arrested twice while on vacation in Europe for smoking more than just cigarettes, cannabis! Paris found a summer fling in Cy Waits that summer. He was a nightclub mogul and manager of the WYNN Resorts night club in Las Vegas, keyword being 'was'... Him and Paris were both recently arrested for possession of cocaine and drunken driving, subsequently he lost his job and the couple are now facing up to 4 years in jail, ouch! So do you think you could land a job with this resume? Or is it just our beloved Paris who could get away with such a horrific past? Either way we still love her!
Do you think you could land a million dollar job if your resume stated you had been in jail, released a sex tape and gotten sued multiple times for breach of contract? If your name is Paris Hilton you just might! We've always been amazed by her quick rise to stardom seven years ago and the measurements she took to insure an A-list status in the entertainment business. She's famous for being famous and hundreds of thousands of girls want to be her, but why? She's not exactly got the prettiest resume around! We've taken a closer look into Paris' dirty past and we have to say that if anyone is worthy of the title 'the ultimate celebrity party queen', it's her!

Click the pictures below and prepare to be amazed, but remember, don't try this at home girls!
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Russell Brand Running Around Nearly Naked!

Thursday 10:56 PM, 29/07/2010
Russell and co-star Helen Mirren Sexy?
Russell Brand has got to be one of the nuttiest people in Hollywood right now, so it wouldn't really be that strange if these pictures were from real life, but luckily they are not! Russell is shooting scenes in New York City for his latest film Arthur and he is going for it all the way! Well almost...luckily he kept his underpants on!
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