Black is Back!

Tuesday 9:12 AM, 19/07/2011
"It's MY moment, y'all!"

"It's MY moment, y'all!"

"I'm just so fabulous!"

"I'm just so fabulous!"

Well it looks like Rebecca Black just won't give up. After her (terribly) successful youtube video, "Friday," and all of the controversy surrounding the hilarious lyrics and the bad use of autotune, Rebecca is sharing her newest masterpiece with us, a song titled "My Moment."

The video is about as cheesy as they come, with Rebecca singing about her new found fame, staring at pictures of herself, snippets of her on TV, hanging out in a limousine, etc. It lacks in creativity, but we never really expected anything amazing from Rebecca. The girl is sweet and she obviously wants to be pop star REALLY bad, but to be honest, we just don't see it happening.

What do you guys think? Do you think it's Rebecca's moment? Check out the video.

PS: Rebecca is releasing a 5 track EP in August. Will you buy it?! (heraldsun)
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wooooooooooooooooow(non member) 1
19/07/2011 11:19 AM
it's so good not bad at all!!

o.o(non member) 2
19/07/2011 11:51 AM
I don´t like the video or the voice but the music
and the lyrics is i guess ok.

patty(non member) 3
19/07/2011 1:02 PM
one word- bleugh :(

0.0(non member) 4
19/07/2011 1:33 PM
Um,i guess its o.k =)

milja(non member) 5
19/07/2011 1:35 PM
you're being mean, she's just 14. stupid posh24

....(non member) 6
19/07/2011 6:42 PM
Its not that bad :/
She's actually a really good
dancer :D

Ann(non member) 7
19/07/2011 7:25 PM
It's still bad, not terrible, but Justin Bieber
type of bad.

tonje(non member) 8
19/07/2011 8:41 PM
i have seen worse, but its ok i guess. she is kind
of trying too hard!

HeySoulsister(non member) 9
19/07/2011 10:06 PM
Posh24 used "y'all" incorrectly in a sentence
while trying to make fun of Rebecca Black. Who
looks stupid now?

(Facebook member) 10
19/07/2011 11:40 PM
Seriously, leave the girl alone. How old is she,
13? Come on, must be something better to wright

ayoush97 (Posh24 member) 11
20/07/2011 6:49 AM
her voice is really bad but the song is is not bad
it just needed someone sounds better

ajjaaaa(non member) 12
20/07/2011 8:03 PM

Vivita567 (Posh24 member) 13
20/07/2011 9:46 PM
you know... she's 14 years old.. i'm 14 years old
too... don't be so mean with her and her songs...
actually the first one wasn't so good.. but this
doesn't mean that the next ones will be that
anyway...she's taking her first steps as a

meeeeee(non member) 14
20/07/2011 10:22 PM
get some vocal lessons!! seriously, so what if
she's 12 or how old... she sucks! thaaa... let's
face it! dudesss

...(non member) 15
20/07/2011 11:08 PM
what can I say? FAME WHORE.

ilrb(non member) 16
23/08/2011 2:27 AM
Her new song is so amazing!

...(non member) 17
01/09/2011 5:05 AM
Too bad her dad abused her!

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