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Christina Aguileras New Music Video Drama!

Tuesday 1:06 PM, 04/05/2010
Xtina! Christina or Gaga? Christina or Madonna?
So have you seen the latest Christina Aguilera video? Its called "Not Myself Tonight" and its causing a lot of fuss for two reasons. One is that people are accusing Christina of directly copying artists like Madonna and Lady Gaga and the second is that some moms are shocked by the super sexual images. So here is the clip for you to see, we think its pretty obvious that Christina has been influenced by Madonna's "Express Yourself" video and that Lady Gaga's style has inspired Christina to bring Xtina back...but so what?! Christina has been around for ages and is still a great singer and who hasn't been inspired by Madonna or Gaga right? Share your thoughts!
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What do you think?

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Pixie Lott Isn't Really on the Phone!

Sunday 1:02 AM, 18/04/2010
British popstar Pixie Lott films her new music video in Downtown LA with a classic car and struts down a sidewalk sporting a form fitting black dress and black heeled boots.
British pop sensation Pixie Lott filmed her new video in Los Angeles yesterday and looked hot as usual in a formfitting black dress and fringed vest! Pixie filmed scenes all over downtown LA and did everything from ride around in a classic car to pretend to talk on a pay phone. We can't wait to see the result!
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What a babe!

Selena Gomez Does Kiss and Tell!

Tuesday 2:28 PM, 30/03/2010
Pretty Selena
Even though Selena Gomez is the sweetest of the young Disney stars and we would never imagine her kissing and telling about her private life with boys - she has named her debut album after being that kind of girl! Selena is in Spain at the moment promoting her album "Kiss and Tell", but we bet she won't be telling or doing anything too juicy anytime soon! Here is the first hit from the album for you to enjoy!
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Love birds

Holly Madison Moving In with Benji Madden!

Tuesday 11:46 AM, 09/03/2010
They are kind of an odd couple, but totally each other's type if you look at their exes (Hef excluded)!
It looks like things between Holly Madison and Benji Madden are getting serious! We hear that Holly is moving back to Los Angeles after a long stay in Vegas with her show "Peep Show". Guess who will be Holly's new roomie? That's right Benji! Even though the couple have tried to keep their relationship low-key, they have been seen together a lot and Holly has even been doing some work as an extra in a music video for Benji's brother Joel! A friend has leaked that Benji is really into Holly and is really excited about her moving in! Cute! (Source: InTouch)
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Lady Gaga Telephone Video - Sneak Peak!

Wednesday 9:30 PM, 17/02/2010
Ooh hair telephone! Love it!
Fans will know that Lady Gaga has a new single "Telephone" coming out on March 3rd! She sang a bit of the new song at the Brit Awards last night, but the original also features R&B diva Beyonce. The two ladies recently shot the music video for the new track too and it will be released in March too. But if like us, you can't wait til March, here is a little sneak peak from behind the scenes! Enjoy!
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Cool guy

Joe Jonas Solo?

Tuesday 6:37 PM, 16/02/2010
So cute!
It looks like Nick Jonas is not the only one of the Jonas Brothers doing his own thing with music at the moment! We spotted his older brother Joe Jonas a Sunset Restaurant in Malibu yesterday, filming a music video and there was no sign of the other brothers! Joe was really getting into it too, he looked really cute singing his heart out!
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