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Check Out Nicki Minaj's Latest Music Video!

Wednesday 9:14 AM, 20/08/2014
Nicki Minaj released her new music video 'Anaconda' at midnight, hours before its scheduled premiere. The clip includes her getting close wi...READ MORE ▶
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6 Reasons Why We Can't Help But Love Beyonce!

Tuesday 8:52 PM, 19/08/2014
2. "Single Ladies" and "Who Run The World?". Is there anyone who's more into girl power than she is? And also, Single Ladies might be our favorite music video ever.
3. She. Is. So. Hot.
4. Beyonce proves that a woman CAN have it all, including a successful career and an amazing family.
5. She's been musically active since the age of five - meaning she's been singing longer than Rihanna and Lady Gaga have been alive.
6. She has learned us that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. And for that, we love her!
Beyonce is a real super woman and we can't help but loving her. She's a mother, a wife, an icon, a designer, an inspiration source, a singer, a feminist - and a kind of a queen. We've listed 6 reasons why we love this amazing woman, so click on the pics and read them all!
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Watch Here: Michael Jackson's New Music Video!

Thursday 7:17 PM, 14/08/2014
Michael Jackson’s music video for “A Place With No Name” has just been released. The video, which is the first one from the late singer's p...READ MORE ▶
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Watch Here: Katy Perry's Latest Music Video!

Friday 8:40 PM, 01/08/2014
Katy Perry released her brand new music video 'This Is How We Do' the other day. The video is colorful, cool and fun as per usual when it co...READ MORE ▶
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Watch Here: Paris Hilton's New Music Video!

Wednesday 11:36 AM, 16/07/2014
Paris Hilton debuted her super pink, flower-filled music video for her latest song "Come Alive" on Tuesday. The 32-year-old heiress dances a...READ MORE ▶
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Check Out: Destiny's Child Reunite In 'Say Yes' Music Video!

Friday 11:03 AM, 20/06/2014
Destiny's Child is officially back! The girl group has reunited for Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes' music video, which was released yesterday....READ MORE ▶
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