Morgan Freeman accused of incest!

Friday 8:34 AM, 10/07/2009

American actor Morgan Freeman, 72, has now been accused of been having a 10-year relationship with his ex-wife's daughter, Hines, 27. It all started for about ten years ago when the two almost slept together at a friend's house after a dinner, which means that Hines only was a teenager..! When it was revealed for Morgan's current wife Myrna, he sweared it would never happen again but it sure continued for a pretty long time behind her back. The actor has chosen not to comment anything since it can be brought up in his processing divorce with Myrna. (Source: Aftonbladet)
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Totsi757(stardoll)(non member) 1
10/07/2009 5:45 PM
Wow, thats.....he's like 45 years older than her.
It would suck to be his ex-wife and the mother of
your husbands mistress. OMG, he was 62 and she was
17, what was she thinking?? What kinda girl goes
after a man thats that much older than her??

ladams(non member) 2
11/07/2009 5:05 AM
I can't stand to watch him on movies anymore. I am
so disapointed in him..........

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