24 October 1979, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
35 years

Corey "C-Murder" Miller, Jarvis "Knot" Weems, Rodney "Rocko" Hill, Young Buck, Shannon Brown.
Monica is a RnB-singer. She was discovered as an 11-year old and released her first album four years later, in 1995. In 1998 she realeased the super hit "The Boy Is Mine" ft Brandy and it became the most popular song of the year in The States. She has currently released five albums and a sixth is on it's way. She married Shannon Brown in a secret cermony on November 22, 2010
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Jaime Pressly Busted Drunk Driving!

Friday 10:12 AM, 07/01/2011
This is the mugshot from the arrest Jaime is a mommy! This is her with husband Simran Singh and baby Desi shopping over the holidays. Busted!
Wow talk about being caught in the act! "My name is Earl" star Jaime Pressly was stopped by police in Santa Monica Wednesday night for a minor traffic violation and as soon as the traffic cop spoke to her, he realized she was totally drunk! Jaime was forced to take a breathalizer test, failed of course,was taken to jail in Santa Monica and held on $10 000 bail. Ouch! Don't drink and drive people!
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Sisters unite and be glamorous!

Friday 3:50 PM, 24/12/2010
Sisters unite and be glamorous!
They are funny and they are girly like hell. Haylie and Hilary Duff has done a lot of movies together but none that really has made a mark in the movie history... but we're sure it will come one! Alexandra Richards and Theodora Richards are the coolest sisters on earth. How can you not become so when you're father is Keith Richards? Just look at their lovely rock chic style and perfectly blonda tousseled hair! Penelope and her sister Monica Cruz are the true latino beauties of Hollywood. Just look at them! We understand why guys fall drop dead when they see them. Hotness overload! Samantha and Sienna Miller are two more extremely stylish ladies that have their own clothing line, Twenty8Twelve! It's going good for the sister pair's in fashion right now to say the least. Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian- the glamorous trio! These scandal beauties are just to good to be ture, can you even have a boring time when they are around?!
That's exactly what all these sisters do well, they aren't just famous for their individual, and smashing cool, style, they are known for being a part of a family! It's them against the world... or them against their parents... who knows? Here we give you a few examples of stars like the Kardashian family, the Olsen twins or the actress sisters Duff. Enjoy!
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Penelope Cruz Has the Perfect Body (Double)!

Tuesday 12:51 PM, 12/10/2010
So similar!
As we told you Penelope Cruz is pregnant with her first baby and that bump is growing by the minute! She is filming the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" at the moment with Johnny Depp and it is becoming harder and harder to hide her belly, but that is no problem for Penelope! Her sister Monica Cruz is also an actress and the two of them are look so much alike they could almost be twins! So Monica has been brought onto the "Pirates" set to play Penelope's body double. That's what sister's are for, how clever is that?! (Source: Wenn)
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The Maguire Family Keeps Growing!

Tuesday 7:11 AM, 05/10/2010
Too cute! Daddy's little girl
Aren't Tobey Maguire and his family the cutest?! We don't see them often, but when we do its always such a treat! We spotted Tobey, his wife Jennifer Meyer and their adorable little ones Ruby and Otis in Santa Monica yesterday and we couldn't believe how big the kids have grown, it feels like just the other day that Jennifer was still huge and pregnant! He is already a cutie pie just like dad too!
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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Would Rather Hang Out at the Park!

Monday 12:49 AM, 20/09/2010
A high profile celebrity couple like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck could be at celebrity parties and movie premieres every weekend but they would rather hang out at the park with their daughters! Yesterday we spotted them hanging out with the other parents in a park in Santa Monica while Violet and Seraphina played on the jungle jim! How cute!
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What Did You Do At the Gym Bradley?!

Sunday 12:16 PM, 19/09/2010
What's the point of going to the gym if you're not going to work out? Yesterday we spotted Bradley Cooper leaving his gym in Santa Monica and as you can see he showed no trace of having sweated at all! He wasn't even carrying a gym bag! You have a lot to learn from your girlfriend Renée Zellweger who barely ever wears anything other than Nike leggings and gym shoes!
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