Super-skinny Mischa Barton!

Saturday 3:19 AM, 25/04/2009
Super-skinny Mischa Barton!


Stunning Dress!

Stunning Dress!
Are you okay Mischa!

Are you okay Mischa!
Mischa Barton attended the FiFi UK Fragrance Awards in London last night and she must have shocked everyone there! She has suddenly dropped even more weight! Be careful Mischa, we don't want you to disappear!


Is Mischa too skinny?

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ewwww(non member) 1
25/04/2009 9:57 AM
she looks soo ugly with that big head and small
body ewwww

OMG(non member) 2
26/04/2009 5:57 PM
In OC she looked so great but noe her bodie's like
the one of a 88-years old grammy. She looks

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