Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson: Catfight!

Monday 11:42 AM, 23/03/2009
The catfight is on!

The catfight is on!
Remember how we told you that maybe both Ashlee Simpson and Mischa Barton were going to be on the new "Melrose Place" remake, and then how Mischa said she is not doing it because of her new show "A Beautiful Life". We think we might know why Mischa is out of Melrose Place! Ashlee and Mischa were up for the same role and Ashlee got it! The rumour is that Mischa is very upset, saying that Ashlee stole the part from her! Well at least they each have a job now, let the battle of the tv stars begin!(National Enquirer)


Who is your favourite?

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totsi757 (stardoll)(non member) 1
24/03/2009 5:02 PM
Mischa is an amazing actress, I think she should
have gotten the role but I have also never seen
Ashlee act, maybe she's really good too.

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