Congratulations! Happy 27th Birthday, Mischa Barton!

Mischa Barton has had her up's and down's in the spotlight, but we still like her. Remember when she was in the Sixth Sense? Or her big break in the O.C? Today is her 27th birthday and we'll celebrate it by giving you ten pics of her from then to now! Click on the pics to see what she's been up to during her years in the spotlight!
Mischa Barton
Mischa went to a Sweet 16 party back in 2002.
Mischa Barton
Remember how creepy she was in The Sixth Sense?!
MISCHA BARTON at the Television Critics Association Press Tour Party Fox TVLos Angeles, California - 17.01.05Credit:Nikki Nelson\WENN
Mischa back in 2005, when everyone referred to her as Marissa Cooper.
Mischa Barton as Kyra Collins
She dyed her hair brown once - cute!
Mischa Barton mugshot after being arrested on a DUI charge
Mischa's mugshot after being arrested for DUI. BAD GIRL!
Mischa Barton and Mohamed Al Fayed
Mischa... With a dog... On her head...
Mischa Barton
She's tried very many different looks over the years. Here's her in 2010.
Mischa Barton arrives at the Sizzlin 16 party held at Club A.D
Mischa Barton leaving The Box Club in London's Soho. The American actress was looking a little worse for wear
She's been partying a little too much from time to time.
Mischa Barton
Here she is, today. A beautiful 27-year-old! Congratulations!
Published Jan 24 2013 10:34 PM
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