Mischa Barton

24 January 1986, Hammersmith, England
28 years

Cisco Adler, Taylor Locke
Mischa Barton is the model and actor who had the role of Marissa Cooper in hit series OC, which she left to seek new goals. Her film career has been dormant since then, exceptionally, a few indiefilms. Mischa Barton is a celebrated designer who just released a bagcollection. She was born in London, but the family moved almost immediately to New York for her to become a model ate Fordagency, together with Lindsey Lohan. Mischa Barton got the headlines in 2007 when she was arrested for drunk driving when she was on drugs.

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Mischa Barton is Wasted!

Saturday 7:25 PM, 28/05/2011
Remember when Mischa Barton was one of Hollywood's hottest young actresses, and everyone from Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld to celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe were dying to dress her? Well those days are long gone...

When we spotted the struggling actress leave the The Box Club in London's Soho the other day, she was looking, to put it very nicely, worse for wear. She was wearing ridiculous flowy grandma pants and looked just completely wasted. Just because your glory days are over Mischa, doesn't mean you shouldn't at least put in an effort to look and behave nicely!
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Friday 9:25 PM, 06/05/2011
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Picture special

Famous Furries!

Wednesday 12:21 PM, 04/05/2011
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We love that Lily Allen matched her pink top to her pup's leash. Cute headband Mischa Barton but even cuter dog! Prior to being pregnant, Natalie Portman's pooch, Charlie, got all the love! Rachel Bilson's hair matches her dog! Heehee!
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Picture special

Thursday 2:43 AM, 31/03/2011
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Don't Mess with Mischa Barton!

Saturday 12:09 AM, 19/03/2011
She will call her gang on you!
Whoa, this guy leant a big lesson! If you see Mischa Barton and her friends at a festival or out, don't bother her! She is not in the mood to answer dumb questions about her life or her past life in the O.C! Check out this video and see what happens to this idiot guy trying to get Mischa on video, we have to say we don't blame her, or her friends for being upset!
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