Mischa Barton

24 January 1986, Hammersmith, England
28 years

Cisco Adler, Taylor Locke
Mischa Barton is the model and actor who had the role of Marissa Cooper in hit series OC, which she left to seek new goals. Her film career has been dormant since then, exceptionally, a few indiefilms. Mischa Barton is a celebrated designer who just released a bagcollection. She was born in London, but the family moved almost immediately to New York for her to become a model ate Fordagency, together with Lindsey Lohan. Mischa Barton got the headlines in 2007 when she was arrested for drunk driving when she was on drugs.

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Mischa Barton Speaks Out About Her Suicide Attempt!

Thursday 8:38 AM, 17/10/2013
Ten years ago, Mischa Barton, 27, became an it-girl when playing one of the lead roles in hit series The O.C. But a few years later, she par...READ MORE ▶
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6 Pretty Celebrity Faces Destroyed By Drugs And Alcohol!

Monday 9:04 PM, 09/09/2013
Courtney Love once was had a very pretty face. Today she doesn't even remind us of the person she once was. Kate Moss has been battling her drug problems for years, and that has affected her looks. Macaulay Culkin has been using heavy drugs for years, and look how he ended up. Lindsay Lohan is no longer the pretty girl she used to be, due to her drug abuse. Amy Winehouse's body was destroyed by drugs. May she rest in peace.
It's a real tragedy to see how many Hollywood celebrities are addicted to different kinds of heavy drugs and alcohol. Over the years, their appearances have changed drastically after periods of heavy use. Click on the pics and see 6 stars who's faces are destroyed by drugs and alcohol!
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Celebrity Hair Chameleons: Blonde Vs. Brunette!

Monday 9:01 PM, 19/08/2013
Mischa Barton. We know Scarlett Johansson better as a blonde, but she's also tried brown hair. Beyonce has tried many different colors and styles over the years. Rachel McAdams. Jessica Biel was once a blonde - but we like her better with brown hair. Mary-Kate Olsen dyed her hair brown once. Jennifer Lawrence in two different haircolors. Reese Witherspoon recently tried dying her hair brown, but she's better known with blonde hair. Miley Cyrus has changed her looks completely.
Fall is just around the corner and for many of us, that means letting go of our sun bleached hair and saying 'bye, bye blondie' for the season. Well, celebrities does that exact same thing, the only thing is that they do it all year around - changing their hair from blonde to brown and back again. These 10 celebrities have tried both being blondes and brunettes, so click on the pics and see what look you think they rocked better!
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Mischa Barton Single Again - Dumped By BF Sebastian Knapp!

Wednesday 1:18 PM, 14/08/2013
Mischa Barton and her boyfriend Sebastian Knapp have split up after a little more than a year together. The former The O.C star and the Brit...READ MORE ▶
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They're Just Like Us! Celebrities Showing Their Cellulites!

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 24/07/2013
Sienna Miller's legs aren't perfect, but she's still just as pretty! Mollie King and Una Healy from The Saturdays from behind. Halle Berry is a beautiful, strong, powerful woman - with a few cellulites on her butt. Caroline Flack's thighs aren't flawless, but we know Harry Styles liked her just the way she is. Mischa Barton looks just like the rest of us.
Today we figured we'd take a moment to talk about something we bet all of us have, and almost all of us wish we didn't have. We're talking about cellulites, of course. We know what it feels like showing them off in a pair of shorts to the entire world during summer, but believe us, it's common among us all - even among celebrities! We've gathered pictures of six celebrities that have cellulites - but still are amazingly beautiful. So click on the pics and boost your confidence - because without airbrushing, celebs look exactly like the rest of us!
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