Style Icon: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is the girl we want to be! Sexy husband, amazing job, cute baby, and gorgeous! Seriously, she is one lucky girl! She is also extremely stylish! We gathered our 10 favorite looks on Miranda so be sure to check them out!
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr ballerina white dress tuxedo
The fit of this dress so modern!
Miranda Kerr white dress red lips
Miranda and her husband, Orlando Bloom. They are so stylish!
Miranda Kerr black cutout dress high slit
A little white dress with red lips= perfect!
Miranda Kerr blue and dark blue dress with white
We love the sexy cutouts on this dress.
Miranda Kerr leopard print dress red lips
Not many woman can pull of leopard print, but Miranda can!
Miranda Kerr louis vuittion ankle length floral dress red lips
Miranda in Louis Vuitton.
Miranda Kerr white dress with midsection cutout black stripes
This is such a daring look.
Miranda Kerr leather leggings black cardigan sunglasses floral shirt
Airport style: leather leggings, a comfy cardigan, and a floral shirt!
Miranda Kerr light blue floral dress
Such a cute spring look
Miranda Kerr black leather pants white button down shirt
We love her Street Style!
Published Mar 14 2012 6:57 PM
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