Miranda Kerr

20 April 1985, Gunnedah, Australia
29 years

Orlando Bloom, Steven Dorff
Miranda Kerr is one of the world's highest paid top models. She is a angel of Victoria´s secret. She began modeling as already 13 years old, which upset many in her home country Australia. Miranda Kerr has appeared in several music videos and has consistently beautiful men at her side, as the boyfriend Orlando Bloom or Jay Lyon. Orlando Bloom and Miranda have a son together, Flynn.

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Miranda Kerr Brings A Ray of Sunshine To West Hollywood!

Sunday 9:13 AM, 30/12/2012
We LOVE your blazer Miranda!
Miranda Kerr literally shone i mellow yellow when we spotted her out and about in West Hollywood while wearing a striped mini skirt, floral top, and marigold yellow blazer! The Victoria's Secret beauty looks stylysh in her yellow blazer combined with a casual skirt. We love it, Miranda! You make us long to the spring!
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VIDEO! Behind The Scenes With: Miranda Kerr!

Saturday 12:05 PM, 15/12/2012
We are sort of obsessed with her, but how can't you be?! The flawless and ravishing hot Victoria’s Secret’s angel Miranda Kerr is current as the ...READ MORE ▶
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Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom Is On The Verge Of Breaking Up!

Friday 8:40 AM, 14/12/2012
They're breaking up...
Super model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom have been a couple since like, yea, forever, and they wed back in 2010. Now they have decided to "...READ MORE ▶
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Miranda Kerr's Grandma: "Put Some Makeup On And You'll Keep Orlando Bloom!"

Friday 8:09 AM, 07/12/2012
They've had problems.
Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have had some problems in their marriage lately, and now Miranda's grandmother steps up and speaks out on how she ca...READ MORE ▶
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Miranda Kerr Flirting With Leo DiCaprio Behind Orlando Bloom's Back!

Wednesday 3:28 PM, 05/12/2012
Trouble in paradise?
Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom have been together for a looong time (like forever!), but now Miranda has started look...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Or Not: Miranda Kerr's Black Floral Leather Bag!

Tuesday 3:15 PM, 27/11/2012
We spotted Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn heading into an office building in Manhattan yesterday.She looked amazing as always, but we're not too sure about her floral leather bag. It's original, that's one thing that's sure, but is it cool or not? Vote, tell and click on the pics for a closer look!


The Floral Bag: Hot or Not?

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