Minka Kelly

24 June 1980, Los Angeles, USA
34 years

Donald Faison, Chris Evans, John Mayer
Minka Kelly is an American actress whose father Rick Dufay was the guitarist in the band Aerosmith. 168 cm tall.

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Top List: The Many Exes of John Mayer

Tuesday 3:12 PM, 12/06/2012
Cameron Diaz has been linked to John. And so has Kim Kardashian! Fellow musician, Colbia Caillat, once dated John. And even Ricki Lake has been spotted with him! John dated Jennifer Love Hewitt and once joked that they never consummated their relationship, but later apologized for saying that. He even dated Jessica Simpson.  Ryan Seacrest once asked John about the relationship and he answered in Japanese, "Jessica is a lovely woman, and I'm glad to be with her." Right after Jessica he dated Minka Kelly, but only for a few months. John also dated Taylor Swift. She wrote a song about him, Dear John, and now John is very upset about the song. Even though all this happened like 2 years ago! Perhaps his most famous girlfriend was Jennifer Aniston who he dated before Taylor.
John Mayer is a known womanizer. He has dated fellow musicians, A-Listers, women way older, and women way younger. He doesn't really seem to have a preference, he likes blondes, brunettes, curves, and stick-skinny. Basically, John goes for anyone of the opposite sex. Click on the pics to see some of John's past exes.
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Fashion Failure: Minka Kelly!

Thursday 11:12 PM, 07/06/2012
Minka Kelly is a beautiful actress, and sometimes she nails her outfits but very often she's just boring. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing ugly with this outfit but it's just boring! Snore... Look at the pictures and tell us what you think.
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Trend Report: Classic In Ravishing Red!

Sunday 10:12 AM, 22/04/2012
Sarah Hyland at Kid's Choice Awards! Dianna Agron looks like a red godness in this dress! Camila Alves in "the little red dress"! Kourtney Kardashian looks fabulous! Minka Kelly in fiery red! Taylor Swift looks beautiful in this Oscar De La Renta cocktail dress! Natalie Portman at the Oscars Party! Wow! Selena Gomez matches her dress with red lips! Jennifer Lopez in a stunning ruffled one shoulder red dress!
Nothing is hotter or more feminine and classic than ravishing red! Red is a stylish color that suits all year round and a red dress is always a safe card on the party, it will definitely give you the attention you want! We have spotted several celebrities wearing fiery bright red just the past few weeks. Click on the picture to check out 10 red hot babes rocking the red carpet in show-stopping hues!!
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Minka Kelly's Simple Outfit!

Friday 9:08 AM, 20/04/2012
Minka Kelly was spotted with a female friend in Los Angeles. We love Minka's everyday outfit, she was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and brown accessories. A simple but chic style!
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We love Minka Kelly's Flawless Red Carpet Style!

Sunday 3:01 PM, 15/04/2012
Simple i LBD! We love how she combines the very simple dress with the shoes and the clutch! She looks like a yellow godness in this amazing dress! We love Minka as the lady in red! We love the blue color on this fabulous little dress! She looks angelic in a Mendel cocktail dress with a white Calvin Klein clutch! We LOVE this dress!
We have completely fallen in love with actress Minka Kelly's flawless red carpet style! Minka knows how to be sophisticated, elegant, feminine and eye-catching at the time and she rocks every single ensemble she wears. We have listed our favourites! Click on the pictures to take a closer look at Hollywood's red carpet princess!
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Top List: 10 Cute A-List Pups!

Tuesday 11:08 PM, 03/04/2012
Minka Kelly plays with her dog at the park in Beverly Hills. Snooki walks her dog to daycare. Jennifer Garner and her husband Ben Affleck out on a walk with their dog. Amanda Seyfried out shopping at The Grove with her Australian Shepherd, Finn. Kate Bosworth. Ashley Tisdale leaving Byron & Tracey salon with her dog, Maui. Hilary Duff Paris Hilton never let her dogs walk, she always carries them. Ashley Greene with her tiny dog, Marlow.
Wanna fit in in Hollywood? Get a tiny dog! Seriously, the best way to look like an A-Lister is to carry around a miniature, super adorable dog! We especially love Miranda Kerr's yorkie, Frankie! Click on the pics to see other famous super star pets!
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