Milla Jovovich

17 December 1975, Kiev, Ukraine
39 years

Milla Jovovich emigrated with her family from the Ukraine when she was just five years old. She was bullied as a child. Was discovered at age 11 by Richard Avedon. Has been on over 100 magazine covers and has dabbled in acting.

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities

Tuesday 3:44 PM, 22/03/2011
Spring has brought a burst of colors to fashion, but that doesn't always mean its pretty! Here are some shocking outfits worn by cel...READ MORE ▶
9. Milla Jovovich covered her self in awful shocking pink fabric and tied a gold belt around it. Why?! Oh and then she put on red lips and white shoes. A very strange fashion moment! 8. Is Khloe Kardashian headed to some kind of Goth trailer trash party? It looks like it! 7. Katie Holmes trying way too hard to be chic in this layered look. Packing on loads of designer items doesn't make you stylish! 6. Chloë Sevigny usually does amazing things with her red carpet outfits, but not this time. We get where she is trying to go with this outfit, but the slicked back hair and the garter stockings just drove it into hoville. Sorry! 5. We are fans of singer Florence Welch's dedication to pretty and flowy long boho dresses but this Chanel look went all wrong for her. Something is very wrong with the colours and the cut for her body! 4. When is Tyra Banks just going to give up trying to find a jumpsuit that fits her butt? Enough now! 3- Selma Blair is still locked inside pregancy style hell. She can't decide whether she wants to hide the belly or show it off and now she is just all grungy and looks more like a badly dressed teenage boy! 2. We showed you this look last week, Thandie Newton went into granny land with this hairstyle, but also with this vintagey dress and shoes. Lets just forget this ever happened! Its better that way! 1. Oh no, Lily Allen caught the granny disease too! She was walking around just after looking fabulous at Fashion Week, in this! Colour clash! Our eyes are aching!
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Picture special

Saturday 9:15 PM, 05/03/2011
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Fashion Trauma at the Hollywood Reporter Party!

Friday 9:54 PM, 25/02/2011
Ali Larter just had a baby so we kind of forgive her Jenna Elfman's white bra strap is showing from her black dress! Sharon Stone's amazing breasts look completely droopy! Hailee Steinfeld was the only one who kind of looked cute and she is the youngest celebrity of the bunch! Vera Wang looks like an emo stick insect. Eat something! Heather Graham looks like she was rented off the street! Katie Cassidy just landed from outer space Amy Adams was okay, but boring Milla Jovovich was only meh....ok.... what's with the funny face? Paricia Arquette is going to pop someone in the eye with her too-tight jacket buttons. Plus - is she a burglar with those gloves on?
What went wrong yesterday at the Hollywood Reporter party? Stars who are usually perfectly styled came out looking like total hot messes on the red carpet last night. Almost every single star had something seriously wrong with their outfits, from Milla Kunis right through to Katie Cassidy. Shocking!
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Milla Jovovich Caught Without Makeup!

Thursday 4:47 PM, 24/02/2011
She really tried to run from the cameras! Haha!
Every now and again we are lucky enough to catch a glam star out in the street with no makeup on. Usually its hilarious and makes most of us feel a lot bettter knowing that even celebrities are not perfect and hide some serious flaws with makeup usually. Today its Milla Jovovich's turn. We spotted her outside the gym yesterday with not one little smudge of makeup! Only thing is...she doesn't look all that bad! She is totally pale though!
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Is This what Milla Jovovich Thinks of her new Movie?!

Tuesday 3:13 AM, 15/02/2011
That's better! Not pretty either!
Milla Jovovich has a new movie out, it looks like some kind of romantic comedy, but we can't be sure, as its all in Russian! You knew Milla was Russian right?! Well she held a press conference in Moscow yesterday to promote the movie and the girl was pulling some funny faces for the would think an ex supermodel would know better! Maybe she is upset with the way it turned out?

Here is the movie trailer - with sub-titles....hehe!
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Picture special

Monday 6:48 PM, 24/01/2011
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