The Anorexia Rumors Take Off Again: Miley Cyrus Is Putting Her Health In Serious Danger!

Saturday 2:08 PM, 19/05/2012
The Anorexia Rumors Take Off Again: Miley Cyrus Is Putting Her Health In Serious Danger!

Miley was spotted wearing a teensy grey dress as she left her Miami hotel. That was when the rumors took off.

Do you think Miley's too skinny now?

Do you think Miley's too skinny now?
The speculations about Miley Cyrus' health took off again when she stepped out in Miami looking noticeably smaller than before. The 19-year-old was spotted flaunting her rail thin figure while vacationing in Miami on Thursday. She looked super skinny in a pair of high-waisted shorts, along with a teeny black tube top, which sparked the anorexic rumors once again. Her collarbone area was extremely bony and in the most recent pictures, her hip bones were protruding. In April, the last time Miley Cyrus anorexic rumors popped up, she explained that her weight loss was because of her gluten and lactose allergy. She put the eating disorder rumors to rest when she tweeted: "For everyone calling me anorexic, I have a gluten and lactose allergy," she said. "It's not about weight - it's about health. Gluten is crap anyway!"

We know that she's living a healthy lifestyle nowadays, but we wonder if it's too much? Is she taking the dieting too far? We see her regularly arriving at the gym or to any of their pilates classes and it feels at times that she doesn't think of anything else but training! Mileys‘ pilates work-outs mixed with a gluten-free diet, may be putting her health in serious danger and we are worried! We are worried for you, Miley! (

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no(non member) 1
19/05/2012 5:30 PM
i think she is fine!

undefined_1337445157782(non member) 2
19/05/2012 6:33 PM
Oh, come on. She looks great!

FASHIONGIRLJENNY (Posh24 member) 3
20/05/2012 1:57 PM

eh(non member) 4
20/05/2012 1:57 PM
She looks skinny and ofc she could hace a little
more weight on but you cant really call anyone
anorexic its like calling overweight person fat
withoug knowing their reason

Pauline(non member) 5
20/05/2012 5:30 PM
She's ok

Ade(non member) 6
20/05/2012 8:03 PM
She looks kinda skinny but I like her just the way
she is

Annie K(non member) 7
20/05/2012 8:36 PM
I would be upset if people say that I have
anorexia. Just because people are thin does´t
make them anorexic.She is beautiful!!

Gloria(non member) 8
21/05/2012 8:46 AM
She hasn't eating disorder... She's just healthy
and toned!

tvdgg(non member) 9
21/05/2012 2:11 PM
She looks gorgeous!! and you do not have the right
to claim that she is anorexic! She is no where
near someone who is anorexic!! She looks stunning
and looked soooooooo hot at the Billboard in Jean
Paul Gaulitlier!

jade(non member) 10
02/06/2012 5:38 PM
what is she wearing i wouldnt not wear that thats
just nasty to my point of view

thyadabez (Posh24 member) 11
07/06/2012 1:32 PM
4th pic dwn y iz she posn like dat

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