Did Miley and Justin Break Up?!

Wednesday 12:41 PM, 10/06/2009
Is it over for good?

Is it over for good?
They both look so sad!

They both look so sad!

Miley and Justin were a cute couple

Miley and Justin were a cute couple
Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Justin Gaston are not going to be spending their summer like other teen couples enjoying time off from school and lazing by the pool! Miley has a hectic summer schedule of touring and filming a new movie The Last Song! The two said goodbye to each other this past week-end and judging by Miley's twitters about it, we think it might be for good! It looks like these two have broken up! How sad! We hope their hearts heal soon! (Source:Celebitchy)
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Nick(non member) 1
10/06/2009 5:33 PM

Niley <3 4-ever(non member) 2
10/06/2009 7:31 PM
Niley is in Sawannah right now <3 Love when both r
happy & I know a lot of persons is going to say
that Miley is happy with Justin but if Miley is
with Justin then Nick is happy & the same with
Miley, she is happy with Nick.

Niley <3 4-ever(non member) 3
10/06/2009 7:33 PM
I mean if Miley is with Justin Nick is not happy
but if Nick is with Miley then Nick is happy &
when Miley is with Nick then Miley is happy. lol
Why would Nick love to see Miley with Justin? That
makes no sense, if u r in love with a girl Do u
like that g

jo(non member) 4
14/06/2009 1:37 PM
wtf, doesent she loved him? omg she is comfuzing.
but i never liked justin, maybe its good for her
to take a break, just let things be? :o

15/06/2009 3:54 AM
I really don't want to see Nick with Miley cuz I
love Nick but if Nick doesn't know that I exist
Cuz everyone
konws you love Nick and he makes

vaniliatiger (Posh24 member) 6
17/06/2009 6:27 PM
go girl

hay(non member) 7
23/06/2009 6:52 PM
U should be with nick u stupid girl!

hmhmhmhmh(non member) 8
23/06/2009 7:45 PM
I don't care you can do what you whant but, you
are so stupid go and find some normal

miley fan !(non member) 9
27/06/2009 11:36 PM
i really love miley and she knows what she's
doing, with Justin, Nick or nobody (:

Miley fan(non member) 10
02/07/2009 9:58 PM
do what you want to do it is your life!

Miley Fan(non member) 11
02/07/2009 10:03 PM
you should go out with Nick again because you guys
make a really good pair!

hi(non member) 12
24/04/2011 2:41 AM
hi miley you should go out with justin bieber

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