Miley Cyrus

23 November 1992, Nashville, USA
22 years

Thomas Sturges, Nicholas Jonas, Lucas Til, Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer who has the lead part in TV-show Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. She is the daughter of Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus and has five siblings, three of which are half-siblings. She loves chinese food, High School Musical and her three dogs. Miley Cyrus is best friends with her back-up dancer Mandy Jiroux and together they have a Youtube channel where they upload new videos from time to time (The Miley and Mandy Show). She has also starred in the movie The Last Song

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Our Favorite Celebrity Heroes!

Tuesday 4:25 PM, 13/12/2011
Chris Colfer is our hero! Brooklyn Decker Mary Louise Parker We love Sofia Vergara! We're so tired of AnnaLynne McCord posing like this , but we like her hair. True Blood star, Deborah Ann Woll, and her boyfriend E.J. Scott! Did you know that E.J has an eye disease that is slowly blinding him? Deborah is working to raise money to help find a cure. Both Deborah and EJ are true heroes! Eliza Dushku. Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell. Cute Emma Roberts!
CNN recently hosted their annual "CNN Heroes" event, a party where the everyday hero is celebrated. Tons of celebrities showed up for the event like Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth and Emma Roberts who tweeted, "“#cnnheroes has inspired me. Hope it’s inspiring everyone else watching. Xoxo." Click on the pics to see some celebrity heroes!
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Fashion Police! Who's Guilty Of Some Serious Pattern Crimes?

Saturday 3:05 PM, 10/12/2011
Why can't people dress age appropriate? Not only does Rachel Bilson look like an old lady, she looks like a tasteless old lady. Sorry Rach, but you're GUILTY! Fashion princess Nicole Richie hardly ever does wrong. We love this pretty dress. What else is there to say than NOT GUILTY! Ugh! We absolutely hate this! Kourtney Kardashian, you're beyond GUILTY! One of Vanessa Hudgens finest moments was in this bohemian maxi dress. Love the soft colors and her short haircut. NOT GUILTY! It's not easy to pull a dress like this of but Alexa Chung did. Follow her lead and style you're pattern dress with simple black accessories. Definitely NOT GUILTY! It looks like Lea Michelle took some leaves and randomly glued them on to her dress. GUILTY! From the rock chic belt to the pink lips, Lauren Conrad got it all right. NOT GUILTY! We can't understand how anyone would ever walk through their door, wearing this. Jessica Szohr, we find you GUILTY! Pixie Lott also went for a black and white pattern. This pattern is super elegant, we love it. Pixie is NOT GUILTY!
Wearing patterns and pulling it of can be quite difficult sometimes. In cases like these we usually turn to our favorite fashionistas to gain inspiration, but sometimes even they can make some big mistakes. We've turned the fashion police loose to investigate celebs like Miley Cyrus and Nicole Richie! Click on the pics and find out who's guilty and who's not guilty of some serious pattern crimes!

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Miley Cyrus Isn't A Role Model!

Friday 9:15 PM, 02/12/2011
Miley Cyrus is a self proclaimed pot-head. Not the smartest thing that's ever come out of her mouth! We really hope that one day Miley will actually grow up and start acting like a real role model!
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White Trash, Miley Cyrus, Admits to Smoking Weed!

Monday 8:34 AM, 28/11/2011
Well, the last of Miley Cyrus' good girl image has completely disappeared. At her recent birthday party, Miley was presented with a Bob Marley cake...READ MORE ▶
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Celebs Love Their iPhones and So Do We!

Wednesday 12:16 PM, 23/11/2011
Jennifer Love Hewitt uses a pink case on her iPhone! Miley Cyrus Reese Witherspoon Zac Efron Dustin Hoffman Jack Black Lady Gaga Ashley Tisdale Renee Zellweger balances her coffee in one hand and her iPhone in the other! Hilary Duff
Celebs love their iPhones! But who can blame them? We're never without ours either! iPhones become almost like an accessory, especially since you can change their covers. In Hollywood, we've noticed that a hot pink cover is the most popular, but there's also a lot of celebs who keep their iPhones simple with transparent skins. Click on the pics to see celebs who love their iPhones!

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Top List: The 10 Cutest Celebrity Pets!

Friday 2:12 AM, 11/11/2011
9. Kelly Osbourne with her cute dog out shopping! 8. Hilary Duff takes a walk with her dog Dubois! 7. Miley Cyrus carries her super cute pup! 6. Amanda Seyfried out shopping at The Grove with her Australian Shepherd dog, Finn. 5. Nick Jonas dog, Elvis, was a birthday present when he turned 16. 4. Rachel Bilson leaves a restaurant with her fluffy little friend, Thurman Murman! 3. Pop singer, Robbie Williams, and his dogs! So sweet! 2. Nicollette Sheridan walking with her dog in sunny Malibu! 1. Ashley Tisdale and her little sweetheart! The cutest pup we've ever seen!
We all know that dog is man's best friend, right? In Hollywood our furry little friends have always been popular among celebs, and we totally get it! We just love pets! Click on the pictures and check out the ten cutest celebrity pets in Hollywood!
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