Miley Cyrus

23 November 1992, Nashville, USA
21 years

Thomas Sturges, Nicholas Jonas, Lucas Til, Justin Gaston, Liam Hemsworth
Miley Cyrus is an American actress and singer who has the lead part in TV-show Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. She is the daughter of Country singer Billy-Ray Cyrus and has five siblings, three of which are half-siblings. She loves chinese food, High School Musical and her three dogs. Miley Cyrus is best friends with her back-up dancer Mandy Jiroux and together they have a Youtube channel where they upload new videos from time to time (The Miley and Mandy Show). She has also starred in the movie The Last Song

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Revealed: Top Ten Rich Teen Celebs!

Saturday 3:09 PM, 11/06/2011
2. Justin Bieber has an estimated net worth of about $65.6 million! 3. Nick Jonas has earned $18 million. Nick started as a solo artist before his older brothers joined him and then they all become super famous! 4. Dakota Fanning has an estimated net worth of $16 million. We love love love Dakota! 5. Abigail Breslin has an estimated worth of $12 million, she's the youngest star ever to be nominated for an Academy Award! 6. Angus T. Jones is known for his role on 2 And A Half Men and is estimated to be worth $10 million, in fact, he is the highest paid teen actor on TV! 7. Miranda Cosgrove, known for her role on iCarly, is worth $7 mill! 8. Everybody Hates Chris star, Tyler James Williams, is worth about $4.8 million! 9. Selena Gomez has an estimated net worth of $4 million! Go Selena! 10. Demi Lovato has earned most of her money from the TV show, Sonny With a Chance, and has an estimated net worth of $3 million!
Yesterday we asked you guys to guess who are the richest teen celebs
and you had some really good answers! Well, today we're revealing the Top 10 Richest Teen Celebs, starting with the very, very wealthy Miley Cyrus! (mmagazine)
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Guess Which Teen Celebs Are The Richest!

Friday 5:02 PM, 10/06/2011
Demi Lovato Miranda Cosgrove Miley Cyrus Tyler James Williams Angus T. Jones Abigail Breslin Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Nick Jonas
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the richest of them all? Well these teen celebs are not only rich and famous but they're all under the age of 20! Seriously, how cool would it be to be able to buy an awesome car, an amazing wardrobe, and vacation in Paris when you're only 17? We think it'd be a dream come true!

M Magazine just named the richest teen stars and we thought it'd be fun for you guys to guess who makes the most! Enjoy! (PS: We'll post the answers tomorrow!)
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Music Monday - The Hottest Songs of the Week!

Monday 6:34 PM, 23/05/2011
Miley Cyrus is in this week's playlist! And so is Jessie J! Also Beyonce! Willow Smith is in this playlist with her hit 21 century girl! Kanye West is also featured.
We want to share our favorite songs of the week with you! Some of the songs are songs you guys wished for and some are our personal likes! Its a mix of old and new and they're what we're rocking out to right now!

Don't forget to leave a comment with your favorite song - maybe it will be included in next Monday's playlist!

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Breaking News!

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are Back Together!

Sunday 8:15 PM, 22/05/2011
Oh Em Gee! It seems Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth have gotten back together - AGAIN! Miley is currently touring South America and just the other day...READ MORE ▶
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Picture special

Friday 4:15 PM, 20/05/2011
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Miley Cyrus Gets Inked...AGAIN!

Wednesday 5:25 PM, 18/05/2011
We wonder if she'll get a seventh?!
Miley Cyrus just got another new tattoo... her sixth! This time it's a souvenir from Rio on her right wrist. Miley already has five other tattoos: the words "just breathe" on the left side of her chest, a heart on her pinky, a cross on her ring finger, the word "love" on the inside of her ear, and a dream catcher on the right side of her ribcage. We wonder what her new tattoo is? What do you guys think?!

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